living in odd times

Update: It’s 2019, fourteen years since I created this site and started blogging. For the past nine years it’s mostly been dark because my writing at Crooks and Liars. where I serve as managing editor, consumes most of my time. I welcome your visit to Crooks and Liars for the latest political commentary and news.

We’re moving through odd times in odd time signatures, with only a few steady drumbeats keeping us on track. Just as drummers are fascinated with splitting time into smaller parts, parts that they can then add, subtract, re-measure, and turn around into some amazingly esoteric piece of drummatica to amaze and delight their audience, so am I fascinated with splitting pieces of today into smaller pieces, putting other pieces around it in an effort to inform and maybe even make you laugh once in awhile.

This blog is about living in odd time signatures — signatures defined by the patterns and rhythms of anyone who struggles to remain inside the normal flow of daily life even as it’s redefined to fit our own special, fragmented and sometimes odd, patterns.



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