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Traveling with the pack…

It’s good to be home! It was a busy weekend, and the pug looks as tired as I feel! (Yes folks, this is “vacation”…coming home exhausted…LOL)

Our 16th anniversary was Friday, T’s Mother’s 74th birthday was Saturday, and so we packed up the kids and the pug and headed down to T’s sister’s lovely home down in Corona del Mar, where we were fed FAR too well, and played hard.

The downside to a weekend like this is that the whole family is in one place at the same time, which generally means that no one can make simple decisions like whether to head for the beach or hang out, go to the movies or out to dinner or both, and it seems impossible to nudge T enough to just tell them to have fun, we’re going out. As a result, we spend way too much time deciding what and where to eat, and not enough going out to play.

No Internet access down there unless I wanted to either pirate one of the numerous unsecured wireless connections (really, folks…SECURE them!!!!), or go to Starbucks. I had no desire to be a bandwidth pirate, and my Starbucks time usually involved walking The Pug, so I had four days of Internet-free existence. It was actually a nice break, and especially nice because the kids relaxed and were fun to be around for just about the whole time!

I thought of lots of topics to write about, but it’s too late and I’m too tired tonight, so I’ll come back to them tomorrow. We’re ramping up now for school to start in another 2 weeks…YIKES & Yippee all at the same time.

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