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Crimes & Misdemeanors

I am now an official criminal. I got up this morning as a normal person, got into T’s car (because his is in the garage and mine is on the street) and drove Dancergirl to school. I took a different way home because traffic was jammed on the normal way.

The high school buses were on the opposite side of the street loading up. On Thursdays they go late because of the strange schedule the high schoolers are on. Any other day they wouldn’t have been there.

Evidently the second bus had flashing red lights and the first did not. I only saw the first bus, but the Nazi Sheriff From Hell pulled me over immediately for missing the second one. I was doing about 10 mph at the time.

I dutifully handed over my license, registration, car insurance proof and puzzled over why on earth I was being pulled over. She explained to me in a rather stern voice that I had just driven past a bus with flashing red lights. Actually, she didn’t explain it. She berated me soundly in a loud, authoritarian, somewhat smug voice.

T had gotten a ticket several years back for the same infraction and it’s EXPENSIVE. I was completely bummed about it, but okay, I missed it and deserved it.

So when she came back to the car after a rather long time on the radio (did I mention that T was waiting for the car to take Sticks to school?) and informed me that I was being arrested on a misdemeanor and the car would be towed post-haste, I was…SHOCKED AND AWED.

Long story short: My license expired on my birthday in August. I mailed in a check with the renewal notice in June and forgot about it. Never occurred to me to follow up on why I hadn’t received the renewal.

This is how my head operates: I deal with it and forget. So now I’m faced with having my husband’s car towed, I have the Nazi Sheriff from Hell in my face, I haven’t had my coffee, I’m in sweats and slippers, and…

I’m a criminal.

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