GMail, Quit Crashing Firefox!!!!

by Karoli on March 12, 2006 · 4 comments

I’m not sure why this is, but Gmail is crashing Firefox 1 out of every 2 times it loads! If anyone has an idea why, please, please post a comment before I strangle someone!!!


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  • kmilyun

    This is all I have to offer since no version info for Firefox or Gmail. I do not use Gmail so consider the source. Do you have this extension installed? Hope you have the problem fixed by the time you read this.
    Post your favorite bean recipe – LOL

  • kmilyun
  • drumsnwhistles

    Hey kmilyun, thanks for the link!

    Evidently it’s a known issue with GMail. I found several people who had the problem on their forums, but they all seemed to be dealing with an ad blocking program that I don’t have, so I’ve tried unblocking popups on all iterations of the GMail URL that I can think of. Just to be on the safe side, I also decided to do a POP3 backup of my Gmail account to Outlook, because I am starting to feel insecure about having my email only on someone else’s servers.

    Hopefully that fixes it.

    How were the beans today?

  • kmilyun

    I know what you mean about not trusting. .. lately there have been way too many gremlins in the blogoshere. It really makes you wonder. I have notice a direct link to my visiting certain sites and visits to my site from government IP addys and spam from others. Sad, all I want to do is read other blogs and play with mine.

    The udate to 2.02 WordPress went well for me this time. I remembered to deactivate ALL my plugins, did all the backups of the database and the whole site, and this time switched back to the default WP theme before I updated. Last time I did something wrong and had to look for all my posts and repost them – that really sucked! Hope you are getting everything staightened out OK.

    BTW- the beans were great I used a mix of twelve beans this time. I need to make a run to the country fruit stand soon.

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