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Killers, Thieves and Liars….

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Speaking of rebuking wrongdoers, and spreaders of lies

There are political liars, lunatics, the intellectually dishonest (and irresponsible) and then there are the worst ones — the institutional liars. Today’s Liars of the Day are the Scientologists.

This greeted me when I walked into Starbucks this morning. Fortunately for Starbucks it wasn’t on their window, but the business adjacent. On first glance it almost looks like a government warning. It certainly looks like something “official”.


Whoa. The Citizens’ Commission on Human Rights International. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, that’s the first lie. That name makes it sound as though a group of concerned citizens from all walks of life are speaking out for all sorts of human rights abuses around the world, sort of a grassroots Amnesty International. No. It is owned and operated by Scientologists. The Whois data gives a link to a Scientology store on Sunset Blvd. Not that they really try to hide the association — they don’t.

In fact, you can “apply” to become a “Human Rights Investigator”. Gosh, we all want to protect the rights of others don’t we?

So let’s debunk their lies one by one:

  1. 17 million children worldwide – A Google Search on this exact term yields the following first-page results: 6 links to cchf.org, directly or indirectly. (A list of affiliated sites is at the end of this post so that you actually know what you’re reading and who wrote it when you click on the result), one link to africanfront.org (an association concerned with starvation in Africa), one link to a NY Times article on child trafficking in Southeast Asia, and one to Women’sCommission.org, discussing a food distribution plan. That 17 million children figure appears to have no basis in fact. The closest I could get was an American Psychiatric Association article which mentioned depression affecting 17 million Americans.

    A search on “17 million” and “psychiatric” yielded a scary Google video as the top result, labeled as a “Public Service Announcement”

  2. Abused by psychiatry – Beware terms like this. Especially when they come from an organization/cult that is structured to control their members. Now their website defines psychiatric abuse as:

    The world would be a safer place without psychiatry’s abuses. “Abuse” essentially means, “to treat badly” or to “maltreat or injure.” Psychiatric treatments are harmful—electroshock, drugs, and psychosurgery all cause damage.

    On the right-hand side of their main page, they list celebrities who have died from drug overdoses — not, by the way, legally obtained prescription drug overdoses.

  3. “It’s a Crime” Um, no. “Psychiatric abuse”, as they describe it, is not a crime. There may indeed be abuses and misuses of the relationship between therapist and patient, but it is not a crime to prescribe medications and other treatments to patients in need. This is a patently false statement

This harmless-looking flyer is really an insidious attempt to draw people with the best intentions into Scientology, get their data into their database via applications to become “Human Rights Investigators”. By attaching celebrity names to their efforts (most notably the despicable Tom Cruise), they hope to attract the starstruck do-gooders who desperately want to “save the children”.

Don’t be fooled. The title of this post accurately describes my opinion of this particular aspect of their “movement”. One suicide, one delusional act of violence, one lost child as a result of their anti-psychiatry campaign makes them killers, thieves and liars.

If you want more information on the truth about Scientology, visit Operation Clambake, a site dedicated to “undressing Scientology”.

Scientology-Affiliated Propaganda Sites:


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