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And Now, A Word To Our Sponsors…

Advertisers, take a memo: The Blogher ’06 sponsors have it right. (Mostly, anyway).

Since I got home tonight, there have probably been over 100 commercials broadcast on the TV on in the background.

I don’t remember one of them. Not the product, the sponsor, nothing, nada. I do, however, remember the sponsors of Blogher 2006, because they made their products relevant. Until Friday, the only car I was considering to replace one of our ancient jalopies was a Toyota Prius. Post-Blogher, Saturns are very much a part of my horizons, because GM got it exactly right. Give us the keys, let us test drive it, and if we like it we’ll buy it, talk about it, recommend it to our friends, give word of mouth/blog the power it deserves. They really got it right and they deserve many positive BlogHer mentions. I hope they sell a ton of Sky cars, and hope even more one of them is sold to me. GM/Saturn gets my vote as the sponsor who got it the mostest. They rocked.

My opinion of Yahoo! increased tenfold, and even Microsoft got points, despite the fact that they chose a completely inappropriate presentation for the keynote. Even if the “MS Tooltime Gals” are part of Windows Live Spaces and fellow bloggers, they were just a little too glib to be taken seriously and not funny enough to make me want to remember them.

The Johnson Co sponsored the closing keynote and made a point of crediting a good number of BlogHers for their help with their upcoming Mommyblogger index. Minti.com gets lots of points for being as friendly in person as they are online. Besides, their t-shirts are cool — great colors. Dancergirl says their name sounds like a really good cake. LOL.

I was intrigued by Blurb.com and the idea of being able to create a book out of my blog or parts of my blog. Though I probably wouldn’t do it with this blog, I’ve been working on a family narrative history for over 5 years and would definitely consider creating a second blog to make into a book via Blurb.

Even though I’d heard of Kaboodle before (via Denise), I hadn’t really seriously considered creating a list over there, but after seeing their presentation I probably will. Box.net is another site I wouldn’t really have considered before, but have ended up finding their service pretty invaluable, particularly with the spiky connectivity we had up there.

On the other hand, while I appreciate the free Trojan I count myself happy not to need it any longer. 🙂

While I agree with Scoble’s post for the most part, I don’t agree with his criticism of Mena Trott (Six Apart) with regard to her mention of Vox during her closing keynote. She was asked what in her future excites her; she answered. Personally, I would love to be able to get my mother and mother-in-law blogging, but the existing blogging products require too much HTML knowledge for them. They’re smart women, but it’s outside of their realm of understanding. HTML isn’t as simple as learning to insert code inside brackets — and if they’re writing they don’t want to have to learn a bunch of new rules to pile on punctuation and spelling. If it’s what she says it is, I’d look at it as a platform for them. I’m going to sign up for an invitation to give it a whirl.

Every sponsor I’ve mentioned so far was from memory. I didn’t have to refer to notes or a list or the wonderfully fun swag I brought home in my really roomy swag bag — (wow, that bag even fit my monster laptop!). Other sponsor names I can remember are Weight Watchers Online and Sweet Simplicity, Pluck/Blogburst and Contrex (but they have to change their name because all I can think of is a brand of decongestant).

The reason I remember them is because they put their money in a place where my heart is — not in front of the TV but at a gathering of like-minded people. And then they let us play with their products, test drive them, benefit from them and were extraordinarily generous. This was a risk for them, I’m sure — there are limits to advertising dollars and a group of 700 is not a huge group of people to put a lot of money on. That’s why they get it. They are hoping that we’ll use the power of our blogs and word of mouth to talk about the products they like.

I will. Will you?

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