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Newstarget.com: Another Scientology site?

I fell on Newstarget.com while going through my Google ADHD alerts, where Mike Adams, publisher and developer of newstarget.com publishes a recent interview with Fred Baughman on the evils of ADHD medications.

Whenever I hit a site like this where the publisher claims to: a) Have the secret to a long and happy life; b) Denounce any and all practices of traditional medicine; c) Claim that there is no HIV virus; and d) Claim that they are the only truth-teller on the Internet, my radar goes up.

A quick click on the “About page” tells a lot. All of the sites managed by Mike Adams (publisher and purveyor of all truth) shows that the domains are offshore domains based in Taiwan. And there are many domains under his control. Some informational, some sell products, but all are shrill and sure of themselves and their ownership of the truth.

The sidebar links include links to known Scientology propaganda sites; however, that same “About” page claims that the publisher is religion-neutral. I can’t prove a link, but the rhetoric is certainly consistent with the Scientology anti-psychiatry stance.

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