ADHD Awareness Day

by Karoli on September 20, 2006 · 154 comments

Today is ADHD Awareness Day. I don’t know who designated it thus, but it’s good to have a day where awareness of ADHD, the issues, and the solutions are highlighted.

Some sites worth visiting: is the home of the Attention Deficit Disorder Association. They have some excellent resources on ADHD in the workplace and will have some teleconferences available for download. is an ezine for parents of ADHD kids and ADHD adults. They have some excellent resources for behavior management of ADHD. is the national ADHD Advocacy Organization.
Adult ADD Strengths is an excellent blog for ADHD Adults. From information about ways to stay focused at work to online goal trackers, it’s a terrific resource for new ADHD information.

Ty Pennington will be answering questions about ADHD from 8AM-midnight EDT at (sponsored by Shire, the manufacturers of AdderallXR, but still worth a visit). WebMD’s ADD/ADHD Health Center has a nice mix of news, tools and video about ADHD, as well as message boards and Dr. Sogn’s blog. Finally, one of my favorite blogs is a splintered mind — Douglas Cootey’s accounts of navigating a life through and with adult ADHD, unmedicated but successful nevertheless!

As part of ADHD Awareness Day, I hope you’ll post your ADHD success story to your blog. Come and post a comment here saying you did and leave a link. I’d love to do another roundup of all the ADHD successes you’ve had. Our most recent is here.

Sites to Avoid:

In my research for today’s events, I ran across some additional Scientology-funded and backed sites. Avoid Psychbusters,, and The owner of is also the owner of Here is the whois information:

Registrant Name:Patricia Weathers
Registrant Organization:Parents For Label and Drug-Free Education

Further research indicates that Patricia Weathers is known to be affiliated with and a part of the Scientology cult.

Got some other great sites for ADHD awareness? Post them in the comments. I’ll read them and link to them, too!

Happy ADHD Awareness Day…go celebrate!

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