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Car Shopping in small bites

I just want to be a little bit grumpy here. Bigdog and I each need a car. I scraped together the 401(k) loan, and some cash that I’d been squirreling for a rainy day to come up with about $9,000 toward a used car.

Bigdog wants a NEW car. Last night we managed to sneak out by ditching the football game to go look at cars. Keep in mind, I have cash in hand. But what did we do?

We looked at NEW cars. Really, really cool new cars. We started with Toyotas — the Prius, anyway, and finished over at the Honda dealership.

I’ve got to say, the Honda Civic hybrid has it all over the Prius. The navigation system in the Honda rocks hard, and the 2006 model (brand-new) was $5,000 less than the used 2005 Prius over on the Toyota lot.

As you might imagine, we never made it over to the used car side of the tracks. Sigh. And in the meantime, I’m drooling over that Honda. The problem is, Bigdog is moving from a Mercedes to something else, and the Civic hybrid isn’t going to offer that Mercedes-like luxury. So I suggested he consider the Accord (non-hybrid but still efficient) for the same price. About that time he decided it was time to go.

The next opportunity we have to look at cars is probably Tuesday night. At this rate I’ll be walking to work for a looooooong time to come.

Anyone have feedback on the Civic hybrid vs. the Prius? We didn’t see where the extra $5K in price for a used 2005 Prius was justified, but maybe we missed something.

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