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Scientology: From Disaster to Dollars

A transcript of a recent BBC investigation into how the “assistance” offered by Scientology volunteers turns to evangelism.

ELODIE HARPER: Well, CCHR believes that mental illnesses, including post-traumatic stress disorder, don’t actually exist, but are just a fraud invented by psychiatrists as part of a plan to gain social control. And they also believe psychiatrists, or psychs, as they call them, are so dangerous that Scientology actually has a duty to protect the public from them in times of crisis.
And we discovered that was exactly what they tried to do on the streets of London on the day of the bombings almost twelve months ago.

ELODIE HARPER: Yes, there has. We spoke to one survivor of the 7/7 bombings who has some mental health training and was also approached by Scientologists after the disaster. They didn’t want to be identified, but they did tell us how they were shocked that they and fellow survivors were targeted by Scientologists trying to recruit them and talking of Dianetics therapy as if it were a – a medically recognized form of therapy.

I questioned their “assistance” after Hurricane Katrina — it looks like my cynicism wasn’t far off.

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