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MyBlogLog Sold to Yahoo

Via Web Worker Daily, the news that Yahoo! has acquired MyBlogLog.

I’m a member of MyBlogLog and really like it. Even though I don’t have the widget on the blog right now (because this particular theme seems to have problems embedding any javascript with formatting), it’s a great way to build a community through a blog.

The question is what Yahoo will do with it…will they take the Flickr vertical approach (hands off but borrow the code and infrastructure for other Yahoo! properties), or integrate it more deeply into their social networking services.

Interesting that the team that built MyBlogLog is a ‘virtual company’; that is, the five people who built it do not live in the same city or work in the same office, instead working via the Internet. They also did it without any funding from VCs. Good for them, and I hope they made lotsa $$$$.

Update: Mashable says the price was around 10 Million. Phil Sim at Squash thinks it will fizzle under Yahoo’s umbrella. I disagree — I think Yahoo will do exactly what they did with Flickr, it will thrive, and similar widgets and communities will spring up under Yahoo!s brand, a la Yahoo! Photos. The thing to watch is Yahoo’s incorporation of the attention algorithms into their mix.

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