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Only Eight Wishes

Via Liz Ditz, Paul Sanchez’ 8 Wishes to raise awareness about learning disabilities after biking across America. Even though ADHD is not classified as a learning disability, it is still disabling to many children, so I’m doing my part to help at least one of the eight wishes become a reality. Here are all of them:

The 8 Wishes

  1. Raise 1 million dollars
  2. 100 million views of 10,000 mile Soloride video
  3. Be interviewed by Oprah
  4. Interview Paul Orfelea, Kinko’s CEO with dyslexia (GRANTED)
  5. Interview Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Air with dyslexia
  6. Interview Charles Schwab, Founder of the brokerage house, who also has dyslexia
  7. Be on 88 blogs and websites (I’m doing my part here to see that wish granted)
  8. All in 88 days!

All of the money Sanchez raises will be donated to The Dyslexia Resource and Awareness Center (DARC) to be used for scholarships. (As a side note, I’d love to see an effort to expand on this idea for scholarships expanded to other related educational disabilities, including ADHD — If I had the time and abilities, I’d definitely try to do it. Maybe Ty Pennington should).

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