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Lights Out for Us

In the hallowed halls of the California legislature, lawmakers are hard at work on important, groundbreaking legislation. I suppose that if they were to succeed, there would be many more photos from me like this one:

Magnificent Moon

(Don’t ask me how long it took to fix all the damage from sensor dust…I HATE SENSOR DUST).

In this era of debates about Health Care Reform, illegal immigration, national security, budgets, taxes, and other important things, we have Lloyd Levine proposing to outlaw the incandescent light bulb. If it passes, anyone possessing incandescent light bulbs will be in violation of state law. Have a light bulb, go to jail. Or be fined.

I’m not ready to live my life in a sea of fluorescence. Not quite yet. We have about 70% fluorescent bulbs, but there are a few of the regular incandescents in areas that just benefit better from that kind of light. More to the point, though, isn’t there more important legislation to be proposed and acted upon?

I suppose it’s not as bad as the “spank your kids, go to jail” law proposed earlier this session. Is it the curse of California legislators to have an overwhelming desire to live in our homes, policing our every action? What’s next, counting toilet paper sheets to ensure compliance with mandatory conservation rules?

Yes, friends, Big Brother is alive and well.

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