One more St. Patrick’s Day Treat

by Karoli on March 18, 2007 · 2 comments

Since it’s still St. Patrick’s Day in Maui, I’ll post one more video. This one is a bit longer, but more interesting. The music is from Lord of the Dance, and DG is still wearing red. :)

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  • Lisa

    Totally awesome! My daughter (she’s 10) and I really enjoyed watching!!

    She said ‘they must’ve started practicing that 3mos. ago’ – I told her..’probably longer than that, that’s a long dance, and a lot of steps!’

    Then she said, ‘one of those girls must be Irish or something, to make it not so hard!’


  • karoli

    Thanks, Lisa!

    These dancers are our top champion dancers, and they’re not allowed to do this particular number until they get to champion level. So as they progress, they watch the other dancers do it and finally when they’re champs, they learn it, too. It’s pretty easy to learn after they’ve watched it at various shows, etc.

    My daughter has been dancing since she was 4 — I remember her watching my son dance this a few years back and wanting to be the one up there doing it. :)

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