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The Prius Rocks!

Almost 60

Home again and I’m catching up slowly. The Prius averaged well over 50 mpg this trip, carrying cymbals and stands, three people and all of our overnight bags. It’s a little gutless on the uphill hauls, but still respectable. Loved seeing 57.7 mph on the way back…we actually got it to 57.8 before hitting the flats and dropping to around 53.5. The Grapevine brought us down to 49.7 and then coming down the hill took it back to around 50.2, where it stayed for the duration. Loved only filling the tank three times for the entire round trip ($75 total to transport three people from SoCa to Reno).

Sticks played well, but there were some other hitches that kept the band overall out of the running for awards. Still, a great experience and lots of fun to see all of the wonderful talent out there. In another few years, there will be an amazing explosion on the music scene, as these kids move from education to profession and begin to bring new sounds out of old techniques.

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Off to Reno

We’re leaving in the morning for Reno — Sticks plays at the Reno Jazz Festival this weekend. We were supposed to fly but couldn’t get flights that were reasonably priced…

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