Scam Alert: Automotive Warranty Advisors

by Karoli on April 3, 2007 · 85 comments

This is the second notice we’ve received in the mail from these people. A couple of observations before I give details: a) There is no return address; only a telephone number; and b) There is no reference to which vehicle we should be considering a warranty for. Still, it looks pretty official, doesn’t it?

It took me awhile to track this down — Internet resources aren’t all that plentiful on these, but I did find some. There is a website for these people which consists of 2 pages: A home page which claims to have “Senior Warranty Consultants” to custom-design an aftermarket auto warranty for your needs, and a phone number.  The second page is a “contact us” page with the same phone number that’s on the home page.

A WhoIs query indicates that the business is located in Florida, but all contact information goes back to Premier Home Mortgage Corp. in Missouri, servers located in South Carolina (Nuvox Communications).

That’s the extent of what’s available online.

When we received the first notice, I assumed they were referring to the Prius, since our other car has nearly 200,000 miles on it.  But our Prius has an extended warranty out to 100,000 miles.  The language in this notice is loaded — here are some quotes intended to grab your attention:

This is your final warranty notice to extend or reinstate your warranty coverage

Sounds pretty official, doesn’t it?  Like maybe something isn’t right with our current coverage and it’s expiring?  Of course, as a throwaway they say that if you extended your warranty at the time of purchase, disregard, but they’re sending this out to everyone anyway.

It goes on with this:

The importance of having warranty protection is at an all time high.  If you have not extended your warranty yet, you must call (toll free) 1-800-xxx-xxxx on or before the deadline date.

This is an example of deceptive, covert marketing at its worst. It is a trap intended to force you to turn over your credit card and/or personal information on the phone.

WTOC TV in Savannah Georgia has a report on their website (their report concerns telemarketing, but I believe there are California restrictions on unsolicited telemarketers that would necessitate a different point of contact):

Two days ago, one telemarketer caught her attention, trying to sell her a new $1,600 warranty for her red 1999 Chrysler Town and Country van, which has 60,000 miles on it.

“They gave me this spiel about my car being out of warranty. You need this,” Sandra said. “If you need repairs, it will cost you money.”

Then the red flags started flying. They wanted her credit card and bank account numbers right then and there.

“There is no way I was giving my credit card over the phone,” Sandra said. “If I’m not giving credit, I’m certainly not giving my bank account number. She said, ‘We have to do this today.’ Okay. Red flag. You know this is illegitimate.”

“It’s just the most popular thing in cons,” Better Business Bureau president Ross Howard told WTOC.

Howard calls this type of scam spoofing. He says its object is to scare a customer into giving up personal info.

“Truth of the matter is, there are not many companies that will give you a warranty for cars with high mileage that is older,” Howard said. “They just want her money. That’s all it is.”

I did a search on the company at the Better Business Bureau website and got the following results:

The Bureau processed a total of 50 complaints about this company since the firm’s BBB file was opened in June of 2005. Of the total 50 complaints since the firm’s BBB file was opened in June of 2005, 47 of those were closed in the last 12 months

Several of those complaints were related to aggressive advertising, but many more were related to refund or exchange issues — nearly half. Despite this, the BBB gives it a “Satisfactory” record.

What troubles me the most about this covert, deceptive effort to get our personal information is that there are ties back to mortgage banking, whether direct or indirect. The BBB information lists a Sr. Vice President and Customer Service Manager as the company management – no President is listed.

So, assuming I were crazy enough to actually call this number, which I’m not and which I’m writing this to urge anyone reading this not to do, who would I really be giving my information to and why? Is the ultimate goal to engage them in some sort of mortgage marketing and/or scamming? (See this 2007 BBB warning about the proliferation of Advance fee Loan Scams).

The tipoffs that this was something other than what they claim to be?

  1. No notice that the card they mailed was an advertisement
  2. No mailing address on their correspondence
  3. An incomplete website with no explanation of their product
  4. The loaded language intended to make me believe I was somehow being irresponsible if I did not contact them immediately
  5. No association with Toyota, the dealer we purchased the car from, or the warranty currently covering the car

Beware of email, telephone calls and mail like this, and whatever you do, DON’T give your personal information to them, no matter how much you are pressured to do so.

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  • TDW

    I was quoted $2500-3000 for 2002 Volvo with 106,500 miles for 4 years bumper to bumper transferable warranty. If I sell my car in 2 yrs I can get my prorated 2yrs refund or I could let the buyer of my car assume the remaining 2 yrs warranty. The quote is too high for me! I was asked my mileage, VIN (but did not give it) home number office number! By the looks of the BBB reports alone I do not have time to hassle them or wait for them to resolve issues that I might have with them! Thanks for your information it helped me make a sound decision.

  • Theresa Mayo

    I recieved the exact card in the mail she offered to cover my vehicle with gold key warranty for my 2004 grand marquis because of the low miliage they could offer me this,the cost would be 2761.00 for a extended five year warranty 552.00 down and 18 pymnts of 172.71 a month for the balance. I told her that i didn’thave that amount at the time, so she told us to call her when we get the money together. My husband and i was going to give her a call on monday but a couple of things had me puzzled when i first called she had no record of my vehicle make, model or vin. i assume that being that they was offering an extended warranty that they should have a record of the current warranty with all the information of the vehicle

  • Terrance Davis

    I wish I would have found this websit sooner. Unlike everyone else on here I called and purchased the warranty back in December and now I’m having problems with getting them to pay for my repairs. I have made several phone calls and no-one is doing anything. I will be taking this to small claims court.

  • CiCi B

    I purchased my new car with a warranty in May 2006. I received the first notice from Automotive Warranty Advisors in December 2006, which I thought was odd. I received my second notice on 16 Apr 07 (with a deadline date of 20 Apr 07). This prompted me to go online, which I’m glad I did. Thanks for your information. The notice has been trashed!

  • Final NOtice

    I called gave my vin and mileage. I was told because I live in California that if I just lied and said I had out of state address that my coverage would be hundreds of dollars less. He described the insurance not warranty as all inclusive meaning that it would cover everything under the sun and beyond. It was amazing how good this policy was. It covered hotel rooms if stranded, rental cars, every conceivable thing that could go wrong with my car or any car that I owned? The only caveat was that my down payment had to be received, by credit card I presume, right now before I hung up the phone. He was only asking for $300 dollars and $150 a month for the next 18 months. When I asked to review the policy before making up my mind and handing over my credit card number he got a little testy with me stating that “Look, everyone just does it, It’s a good deal”

    So, Brian or who ever I talked to this morning I got your little Final notice that gave me 3 days to respond. All I have to say to you is I am sure you will get all that you deserve and I am sending you back your ill intention to scam.

  • karoli

    Wow, thanks to everyone who has shared their stories here. Hopefully more will come and post theirs as well, and we can get the word out about how deceptive this whole thing is, from how it’s marketed to what they actually do for all that money.

  • Peter

    Received this solicitation and my curiosity and suspicians were aroused. It Arrived on cusp of my initial warrany expiring and I am considering extended warranty. Seemed appropriate. Search engine brought up their website and fortunately yours also. Thanks to all that shared their stories. Forewarned and forearmed.

  • Jay

    I ended up using them and spoke with a Rep who seemed pretty promising so I thought it over a few days and said what the hell so I did it. I received the contract and really combed through it very carefully. I wrote out the things I had concerns on and called the Warranty Company they sell the warranty off to and asked them in specific words what it detailed of. Of course they played stupid and asked me to read the contract and what’s listed is covered and what isn’t is not. Well duh!! Knowing that they would say that I started to get really detailed and asked under transmission it just states Transmission Casing. So does that mean it’s just the casing….she paused for a minute and said if it says that than yes. So internals isn’t covered…No. Okay is the Radio and Command Unit (GPS) covered. She reply’s only factory equipment, well it is factory…she states, is it in the book….I stated no, she said than well its not. I also bought the Radio Warranty as well at additional costs. So I asked okay since I bought the extra coverage and the GPS is built in than the warranty I bought is useless. She states no it’s still good to have but since it’s built in how are you going to cover it? No response. At this point I’m like WTF the guy who was selling me this told me I had the closest to factory bumper to bumper warranty which covered everything.

    As stated before this Company is working off of volume or something and is willing to get people in knowing that they probably wont read the fine prints in this case they were wrong. Also as stated in previous posts if you’re in it longer than a few days or so they penalize you for the refund or hate to say it you’re stuck in it. So I am here posting my experience….save yourself the time and don’t even bother calling them. Spread the word and help people from getting screwed over!!!

    BEWARE OF Automotive Warranty Advisors & Warranty America LLC who they work closely with!!!

  • Ron Clyma

    I’m particularly concerned by this type of scam, as I work for an Agency on Aging. The elderly are prime targets for this kind deception, and may end up spending a disproportionate amount of a very limited income thinking that they are making themselves more secure. I will disseminate the scam info widely to the aging-services community.

  • Tom Biggar

    Thanks for the information. This is definitely not a good deal. I sent a note to my local NBC Consumer reporter as an alert with the link to this forum. If anyone is interested in information on car info inclding warranties check out

  • Mike

    I just got off the phone with these guys and am glad I told them NO. I called because my factory warranty was about to expire and the timing seemed right. The longer I talked to the rep the more pushy he became. He then put his floor manager on the phone to close the deal and he was even worse. The whole thing reminded me of the movie “Boiler Room”. When I told him I wasn’t ready to commit right now and that I would call him back, he said that if I hung up, the deal was off. That just solidified the fact that it was a scam. I’m glad I did not give him any of my information. I should have checked them out on the internet before calling. Beware of these guys.

  • Denise N

    I too received that same card that is shown above. I called out of curiousity as well and my representative was very nice and quoted me a deposit and monthly terms. I said that it was too high and he immediately lowered it but definitely wanted my credit card number for that deposit. I told him that I have to talk to my husband and he gave me his extension to call him back within a few hours. I immediately went online to look for anything about this company and I found this. I didn’t give out any of my personal information. Now they did have the info regarding my vehicle. Thank you for alerting all of us to this site.

  • Tom Peters

    This is a scam- I recieved a call from them today and pressed 1 to talk to someone since I don’t have a car. I talked to Brian and and told him that I did not like telemarketers calling me and to take me off of their list. He acted offended saying ‘How dare I call them telemarketers; that they have been in business for 20 years…’ so I asked him where they recieved their information from- He said they got it from the dealership. So I asked what the dealerships name was. He said that they did not have that information. I asked whos name was on the car/policy- He said that I had to give him the year, make and model of the car. I said no way, that they must be stupid to think that I would fall for that. Brian then started cursing at me saying that I must have mistaken him for someone who gave a s*** and that he had too many other people to call before the end of his shift to deal with me not purchasing anything from him and he hung up.

  • Nicole

    Thanks for posting this. I received this card in the mail and thought it was strange that they are wanting to extend my warranty, but they didn’t even list the year/make of my car….. so I thought I’d do a little research on this and glad I found this page.

  • Robert D

    it to late for us we purchased the warranty with this company .we were told we had a $ 50.00 .deductible when we were uses the warranty it now $80.00 ,we were told the national rate of labor is highing is or city san Francisco. but David said no matter were we it is $50.00 debuctible, not ture . what can i do about this now?

  • karoli


    I’m not sure what you can do about it. It looks like some folks have had success filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau (there’s a link in my post), but it’s difficult to prove that you were told $50 because they do everything by phone. Unless they have a recording of that call (which I’m sure they don’t), they’ll claim that it has always been $80.

    I’ll do some research and if I find anything that will help, I’ll post it in a new blog post.

    Good luck!

  • B Smith

    Final Warranty Notice really caught my attention when I received the postcard. My deadline was yesterday. I felt a scam coming on and had not a moment for a fishing expedition for information since none but my name appeared on the card. What I am curious about is how my name in its configuration of last and middle got on that mailing list.
    Thanks for any insights and thanks for posting this info. My curiosity was satiated.

  • candace

    i’m the sucker born in the last couple of minutes. i took the bait and signed up for the warranty this morning. read this online and just called “my agent” to cancel the warranty. of course, i had already given my check info via phone. i put a stop payment on the check, but am still worried. anybody else fall for this crap?

  • Robert D
  • Black Belt

    Do You Know Anybody Who Got Ripped Off By a Car Dealer? I need storys for my new book. Can you ask around. My new book will be out with in 4 weeks. Just go to my website to submit story if you got ripped off.



  • Anonymous

    I was contacted by mail several times by way of postcards stating that my vehicle factory warranty has expired. They offered me a warranty to cover my engine, water pump and transmission. Before I agreed to the warranty I asked the man(B.Deen-who, conveniently, no longer works there) on the phone several direct questions pertaining to the offered warranty. I asked, what if I sold the vehicle or had an accident totaling the vehicle in the next year or two, before the warranty was up, would I get my money back. He said YES. He said it was fully refundable as long as I never used it. I asked all of these questions because $2000.00 is a lot of money for something we may or may not need. Well, I never used it and due to mechanical failures of the vehicle we insured, that were not covered, we ended up having to sell it because we were unable to keep up with the repair costs. When I was going over my contract I noticed a stipilation stating that “Coverage is listed in YOUR warranty and is not subject to any verbal representations made by the seller of the product.” Basically, what Mr. Deen told me was a lie and I did not get the actual contract in writing(which I never even signed) until after they had already charged my credit card and started me on the contract. I would have never conscented if I had seen the contract as it actually was. I called the company to cancel the contract and asked them to honor the refund guarantee and I was told that my particular contract does not offer any refunds if I cancelled early and that the salesman gave me wrong information. They told me there was nothing they could do about it and that they were sorry. Basically, they are keeping my 2000 dollars and I got nothing. They said I am not qualified to get any money back. I like to think I am a pretty smart consumer. I usually ask a lot of questions and check things out first before I purchase something like this but I guess I am not as smart as I thought. Just shows that no matter how careful you think you are there is always someone waiting to outsmart you and take your money.

  • Bob

    Thank you all very much because the timing was just right.My exstended warranty purchased from dealer went
    bankrupt leaving me with damages done by dealers maintenance crew plus using my vehicle for spare parts.
    I feel screwed blue by dealer and warranty alike. I feel Ford Motor should look out more for thier customers. I would like to join a class action law suite
    against a warranty out fit that would go bankrupt in the middle of a warranty period. Itis like free money to them anyway.

  • Manhattan

    I’ve received at least two “Final Notices” from them, and I have never even owned a car!

  • Jim

    I received many recorded calls wanting me to discuss an extended warranty and usually hung up. Today I pushed 1 to talk to someone. He said his name was Ben. I asked for a last name and he wanted to know why I wanted his last name. I told him I wanted to make sure he was who he said he was, that I was recording the call and had his caller I.D., and why was he calling me, owning a 9 year old car out of warranty. I kept insisting on his last name and he finally hung up on me. Everyone…ASK FOR A FULL NAME AND LOCATION THEIR CALLING FROM.

  • Pat

    I kept receiving phone calls about my warranty expiring and it was urgent for me to get in touch with them. If I received any postcards I just throw them away. Today got another final urgent phone call that my warranty would be expiring and I would have to pay for costly repairs. I pressed 2 and a man answered the phone and ask me what kind of car I had and the mileage. I said I thought you would already have that information. He ask for my phone number and I gave it. He then call me by my name and asked me if that was correct. Which I verified.

    He then said you did not purchase the 7 year, 100,000 mile warranty. I emphatically said Yes I did…and the phone went dead. My car is only a year old.

  • Unknown

    This is a scam!! Please avoid at all costs. they will not even allow you to review the policy at your discretion!! SCAM SCAM do not give them any of you money!!! They are also very rude!

  • Javier

    I keep recieving calls like this. The automated voice clearly states by pressing 2 the calls would stop. Well the calls keep comming anyway LOL. This time I pressed 1 to talk to a rep and as I was explaining my situation they hung up. All this time I thought it was regarding my 2004 toyota matrix. Now I know for sure this is a scam. I almost thought of calling my Toyota dealer and cussing them out. Anyway everyone should steer clear of this.

  • JBailin

    I got the post card today…MY GUT SAID IT WAS A SCAM…. Your posting of the scam validated my gut!


  • ne_plus_ultra_1

    Yup, very rude and no return address on postcard.

    I searched that BBB and they do not show up. They claim on the card that they are a member.

    They will not provide documentation and want credit card or check over the phone.

    When I requested something in writing, the response of the manager was to get upset with his employee as he didn’t explain it right to me or something. Really weird reaction.

    You could just tell by the manager’s voice that he was a real snake.


  • Jimbo

    My concern at first was that maybe someone stole my identity and used it to purchase a car. Although this is a disgusting scam, I’m actually relieved to find out that it appears they just ramdomly called my number. A different scam than what I was thinking.

  • Sal

    I don’t recall ever getting a postcard, but even if I did get one I’d just have trashed it. But now I’m receiving the exact same calls from 3 different orinating numbers. I also receive a lot of calls with no message from those same numbers. I’m disabled and have no time or energy to deal with this junk. I’m really angry about it. I’ve tried the “remove my number” joke, that only got me more frequent calls. I’ve tried talking to “agents” but they hang up on me as soon as they realize all I want is off their list. I’m the child of a used car salesman. I know these folks have nothing worthwhile to offer. I just want to make them stop trying to call me.
    And yes, I worry about elderly getting snowed by this approach. I would not feel assured that all they do is make charges for the “warranty”. This is a prime way for identity thieves to get information and suck bank accounts dry.
    If I had ever purchased a new car I’d be all over the dealership and the manufacturer about this scam. They get enough complaints from previouosly satisfied customers saying that they distrust the dealer and manufacturer for sending these scammers after them (I know, they didn’t) the dealers and manufacturers will respond with some clout. They depend on satisfied customers and if some scammer is making them look bad they will do all they can to change that. And they are organized.
    Maybe I’ll write some dealers and manufacturers anyway. The agent I spoke with said they represent “all dealers”. Bull Hockey!
    Sorry, they’re still calling, sometimes several times a day. Even more than once an hour.

  • bbop

    Missouri appears to be a center for many of these so-called extended auto/truck warranties. Scammers select state to operate from that either have weak laws against certain types of fraud or tend to ignore scummy business practices.

    I did some research about the unnamed firm that keeps trying to fool me via the mail to buy their so-called extended warranty. Every address and phone number on the advertising leads to a Missour-based firm that contracts with other firms to perform tasks such as mass mailings, handling incoming telephone calls, etc.

    The mailings I receive look like a scam in every way.

    Don’t look to the Better Business Bureau to protect you. A minimal amount of research will show who that organization is loyal to: BUSINESS!!!!!

    Businesses are the ones that fork over the money that keeps the BBB going. The BBB is essentially powerless and really does nothing to protect the consumer. In my opinion the BBB is a scam itself when viewed from the consumer’s viewpoint.

    If the BBB was on the consumer’s side why does the BBB keep looking the other way as the complaints about a firm pile up and nothing happens?

    Face it. The vast majority of humans around you either care nothing about you or just want your money.

  • Wu

    Wow…just wow. I received an automated phone call stating “This is your last reminder on your warranty being expired” or some noise like that. I was a bit worry since my car was in the shop for repairs. So, I was curious as what the hell they were talking about. So, I went through the process of pressing the number 1 to get to someone to talk to.

    Some guy picks up and I go, “I got this automated call stating my warranty is expiring, yet you are not telling which car is expiring” The guy ask which is my newest car. So I tell him, and then ask for the mileage, which I have 25,000. Then he goes off with all this other noise they’d be covering and that my warranty would be extended to 2012. That’s when I knew this has to be some bull shit. I knew my exact date and year my warranty should be ending, and who would be taking care of me if they were.

    So, he tells me the warranty would be at $2,400 and wanted to discuss payment options, I am like wait, this is bull shit, my car is not even at 100,000 miles nor is it at my expiration date that I have right here in my hands. The moment I said that, the guy hangs up. Such bull. So, people out there, be careful, I am glad I had the common knowledge of my warranty.

  • At Work No Less

    I have been receiving the call about my warranty expiring on my car every day at my office for the past 3 weeks. Finally, today I pressed 1.
    I stated that I was a lawyer and he was calling my office and I wanted to know what company he worked for. I received no response in terms of a name. I threatened to sue if the calls continue.


  • They are still at it

    I just receivd a call at home with the automated voice exclaiming that my warranty was about to expire and this was my last chance. This is at least the tenth call we have received at home and we are on the no call list! I have tried pressing 2 to take us off the list but it doesn’t work. More likely it is a ploy to verify that a person actually answered the phone and they have a working number that they can sell to another scammer out there. I also spoke to them once after pressing one, they were rude and hung up after they realized I would not give them any information. Their number on caller ID is identified as QWED Inc (410) 774-8026.

  • A W Smith

    I received my “Final Notice” today in the mail. The return address is “Automotive Warranty Advisors, 5101 NW 21st Avenue, Suite 450, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33309. They offered a $400.00 rebate check enclosed. I’ve read the above comments so no chance that I will apply for this extended warranty!

  • Mike

    All of you guys need to get a life.. If you do not want the hassle just throw away the letters and the postcards.. The company is doing nothing wrong by sTheending the letters out and asking that you make a decision on the phone call. The real scam is when the dealer doesnt give you a warranty or offer it to you and you pay them $100 per hour to repair your car.. The manufacture’s do not sell extended warranties all of the coverage you receive from a dealer comeas form the same sources that send you the postcards.. wake up people.. FORD, GM, HONDA, TOYOTA all give you 3/36 warranties anything else is underwritten by a third party warranty or insurance company. It isnt a scam to ask for your business when you call them.. Credit Card companies do it all the time.. Dont want it or think that you have it dont call simple as that.

  • karoli


    It’s pretty difficult to throw away a postcard that looks like the one up above. Keep in mind that these cards always come right after someone has purchased a car, and in our case, a brand-new car with a full 5-year/100K warranty on it.

    My first question was: Did Toyota screw up the warranty?

    Since I could find no answers to my questions, my options were to discover what this company was and how it had information about my warranty, or call them.

    As you can see from the majority of the comments here, most opted to call, finding themselves in another deceptive sales loop.

    Sorry, but your advice to just “throw away the cards and get a life” doesn’t fly this time around. This advertising is as false as anything I’ve ever seen and people should know what it’s really about.

  • ne_plus_ultra_1

    Wow Mike, that’s quite a bold assertion and it’s also not completely correct.

    I have yet to see a dealership that charges $100/hour to repair a car. I have been in the industry for many years. Mechanics are NOT getting rich, dealerships may be, small shops generally provide enough income for a decent living for the shop owner and not much more. Many shops ARE honest. I have worked both for honest and dishonest shops/dealerships and observed them from the inside out. Of course I left said dishonest shops when I became aware of their actions.

    The insurance industry has infinitely more “fat” than the repair industry.

    When I called about the extended warranty to gather information the company was very rude, would not provide written information, wanted my credit card over the phone, ALREADY HAD SOME OF MY INFO, had no return address or website, claimed to be a member of southeast florida bbb but they know nothing of the company.

    It is a scam Mike. It is a shady company or companies trying to steal our money. You’d be better off spending 10 or 20 hours finding an honest mechanic. Mechanics can not reduce the price of the repairs by 30% because there simply isn’t that much “fat” in the repair bill. Why is it that if you spend enough time on the phone with them, these companies come down hundreds of dollars in their price? They are salespeople and there is loads of fat in their $price$. And that is assuming it’s not even a 100% scam altogether.

    I have submitted the postcard to the BBB that they claim to be a member of.

    Mike, you get a life or I suggest we meet in person if you feel obligated to insult me/us further. I will monitor the comments here to see if this offer appeals to you.

  • davis

    I just got mine in the mail today, less then a few minutes ago. It looks great, the voice said urggg. God telling me i needed to check this out. The first thing that got me was the south Florida return address. One thign i know about that area, is that it is a place loaded with brick and mortor scam offices. When you cath them in a scam and give it to the police, the state DA wont do anything about it. Even when they have enough evidence. So they get away wiht anything. LIke hte viewers mention eariler, everytime i get a warranty notice, it has my car on it, the make model and everything. There was no website link also. Anytime anything says, you have only a short time or a few days to respond, scam alert. I have never recieve a warranty offer without a price already listed and terms of the warranty. haha the main kicker was the final notice, when i never recieved the first notice.

  • Anna

    So call me an idiot. I signed up for it with some hesitation. Bill Williams was very convincing in his selling tactics. I was told that I could cancel if I wanted to. After a day I tried to call and cancel. It took me a week and a half to get through. The person Claudia told me that I couldn’t get my refund until I sent them back the package that I was sent. It had to be signed for. I asked to speak to her supervisor. I believe that I spoke to a Brian that I confronted about this being a scam and he told me that he fed his kids with this scam. I told him he should be ashamed of himself and he told me to FUCK OFF and that I wasn’t getting my money back and hung up on me. I plan on disputing this payment that they so gladly helped themselves to with my bank. The package will be returned to them. Apparently, it is synthetic oil for my car. I am going to be more careful about this in the future.

  • Joe Lorrie

    Automotive Warranty Advisors= con artists of the worst kind. Ultra hard sales tactics and a scam like I’ve never seen. Run from these guys, especially “Brian Brown”.

  • Connie

    For years I have been getting calls from Vehicle Warranty.. etc. hang ups and rude people when I ask them who they are etc. How do we stop these folks and why are they still able to operate? Does anyone know what is being done? I filed a complaint with FCC. and do not call list etc. Really tired of this. Is there anything that can be done??? – is there a web site re: all of this and what is being done. Fed up! they call my relatives, and neighbors too.

  • Rick

    Got it too, looked like a scam but nevertheless decided to research. Glad I didn’t waste my time.
    I may waste my time at tracking this Brian down though.
    Sounds like this “Mike” is one of the scammers trying to cover their trash. ne-plus-ultra-1 when you’re done with Mike I’d like to have a turn @ beating this little fucker too.

  • Charlie Summers

    Quick question; as I am fashioning a letter to my state’s Consumer Protection Division of the Office of the Attorney General on this obviously-deceptive advertisement, I’m trying to figure how you tracked to – while the IP address is the same, that only means both are on the same server, which might be circumstantial but not impossible on a shared server hosting hundreds of domains.

    If there’s any direct connection I can include in my letter, I’d appreciate a pointer to it. Thanks.

  • karoli

    Charlie, when I ran the whois last year the administrative contact was — it was less about the server IP and more about the common named contacts.

    Hope that helps…I just had a look and they’ve changed server contacts several times, so it may no longer read that way.

  • gans

    I got a similar postcard from:
    2660 Palm Aire Drive North
    Pompano Beach, FL. 33069
    Tel# 1-8666-571-7977

    It also says they are a BBB SouthEast Florida member.

    The wording is loaded and looks official but thanks to your blog, I got alerted.

  • Joe U.

    Do what I do with telemarketers: keep them on the line with gullible noises until they’re at the end of their patience, then laugh and hang up. This annoys them a lot more than their calls annoyed you, and costs them some earning time as well. Actually, I’ve come to regard telemarketing calls as opportunities for some good, sadistic fun.

  • Joe

    I just received a call from them. The caller ID came me the number of: 562-289-8136.

    Beware of these clowns.

    I may be giving clowns a bad name!

  • linda tate

    hi there please beware of these scam artist..i was duped for 1700.00 am still tryin to get my car repaired hower i am goin to small claims court and have already reported them to the bbb n that state for all the good it will do

  • Otto Renoto

    I’ve been getting calls from this company on my Cell phone for the past couple of weeks. They call under the following numbers:




    It’s always a recorded message – something that according to FTC rules is against the rules. Advertisers are not allowed to this – here’s the rule:

    “FCC regulations prohibit telemarketers from using automated dialers to call cell phone numbers. Automated dialers are standard in the industry, so most telemarketers don’t call consumers on their cell phones without their consent.”

    This is taken from

    See # 10.

    You can also make inquiries my sending an email to:

    [email protected]

    Which is what I’m going to do.

    And you can list your Cell Number on the Do Not Call list – but it’s supposed to be NOT NECESSARY according to FCC Regulations.

    Note: I’m posting this here because I found the 562 phone number on this site – and I thought people should know that these scammers are doing – and they are Scammers.

    The moment you ask them to identify themselves they hang up on you. And that is definitely against the FCC RULES – they are supposed to identify themselves immediately upon the beginning of the phone call.

    thank you,

    Otto Renoto

  • Otto Renoto

    Joe U.

    As to your fun – I’ve done that before – I can do a good impersonation of a hard of hearing old gentleman.

    “Huh….Whatya say? Huh? Who ya want? Huh? Whatya Say? Huh? Whatta ya want? Huh?….Huh? Oh? Huh? What car ya mean?…..Huh? Oh?…Huh?…whatta ya want?….Huh?…..who?….Who?….WHO?…Oh?…I live next door!…Oh?…..Who?….HUH?????…..He’s in da shower….Huh….Tony?….oh?…He’s got one of dem prezidents cars….huh…oh…Yeah….Huh…oh..a lincoln…continent or sumting like dat. …Yeah….3 years old..almost…I’ll…tell.Tony…..(muffled through towel)…get her name and number….(unmuffled)….Me again….Huh?….He get your name and number and company and he’ll call you back….Huh?

    And they get so p+ssed off they finally hang up, but some are greedy nd will get a special number, and fake name and fake company name – anything to get a deal!

  • Zack

    Just plain rude! I responded to the “final notice” by calling 866-571-7977. Tim is a bigmouth and I just couldn’t get him to shut up long enough to ask a question. When he finally told me $3295, I responded with “Oh My God!” He immediately hung up on me. After I stopped laughing, I called him back and we argued more. I have it on tape! This was just too funny. The best thing we can do to these creeps is keep them on the phone as long as possible and waste their time. Consider it entertainment for you. They hate that. Good luck.

  • PJ

    I just called the number after receiving a second notice. I figured it was a scam (looks like a scam & smells like a scam), but I was curious, so thought what they hey… The guy asked for my “Customer ID number”, which I gave, so then he knew my name. I didn’t give him my VIN when he asked for it, and when I refused to give him my phone number without further information he hung up! Guess I didn’t sound gullible enough.

    I know better, but I’m concerned for people like my Grandpa. I wish there was something we could do.

  • doughnuts

    What can we do???!!!!

    I am so pleased to see these posts because I’ve become obsessed with getting these people over the last week! Both of my kids have been sick, so I’ve been cooped up in the house all day with calls coming in warning me “This is your final notice!” Uggh!! I figured it was a scam and did some research and found several local news stories on it. But it wasn’t until now that I found people as pissed off as I am, wanting to kick these people’s butts! And I’m a pretty mild-mannered person. But I’m obsessed with these annoying callers!

    Someone on another site said that the scammers retaliate against reports made to the BBB by calling your house at all crazy hours of the night. Is that true? Do they know who you are when you press 1 to talk to them if you don’t identify yourself?

    Mike from above may be right – maybe I do need to get a life. But I still don’t like him.

  • Missy

    I also have been getting calls from these guys at 978-570-2225. I have asked to be taken off their list but still receive them. Today I got through to speak with someone and asked for a number to call them back at, he refused, and when I asked again, hung up on me. I did get the name of Auto Warranty Advisors. This tactic really bothers me and makes me worry about people who would fall for it. I was shocked that my 1 year old vehicle warranty has expired.. and when I called my warranty people, they knew nothing about it.

  • Anonymous

    I just recieved this thing and I thought for a minute someone stole my identity (on paper) since I don’t even own a car and these people want me to extend my warranty on one? If that’s true I’d like to know where the heck this car went since I’ve used the bus most of the time and I could sure as hell use one.

  • Derrick

    I did the same thing on Feb 3rd, who do I make a complaint to at this point, cause I have not rec’d anything from them as well

  • mike

    i just got a call from 978-570-2395. automated call.. i googled it- found this site.. when i called auto warranty advisors.. they swore it wasn’t them.. im not sure i believe them.

  • Anonymous

    Calls I get are from 19546012600. Getting all different sorts of quotes for the last three days. Yes they are aggressive with their marketing. Did some reference checks and called dealer. Next time they call me they are not going to be happy. They are not connected up with any dealer or GM dealer as they claim to be. Nor it is an extension of your current warranty. Also received all sorts of blind mailings. I am convinced they got my info from the previous dealer warranty company somehow and that includes some info on the car and date warranty ended

    Buyer be aware!!!

  • RD Fyr

    Tried to get me today got Max down to 150 down and 70 a month for 18 months for a 5 yr 100,000 mile warranty on my Jetta, 120,000: Then he put the supervisor on the phone who told me he would give me a better deal if I pay up front, 1,500. when I told him about the other deal he told me I was a lier, I hung up and found this site. Thanks for the input.

  • Jason

    I was at work and i received the automated message stating my warranty was about to expire. A man came on the line and asked what was the make and model of my car. I have about 49,000 miles on my car, so i thought it was legit. I gave him my car info and began to ask him where he was calling from. He then hung up. I guess he hung up because I had under 100,000 miles on my car.

  • Robert Eckel

    I suspected a scam so I Googled and my suspicion was confirmed.
    If I’m bored I’ll call them tomorrow and screw with them for a while.
    Thanks for the warning.

  • Len

    Got the Warranty expiration notice in tghe mail from

    Automotive Warranty Advisros
    2660 Palm Aire Drive North
    Pompano Beach, Florida 33069

    Call the number on the document : 1-866-571-7977
    Was immediatly told to call: 1-866-571-7974. Was put on hold with my first call (over 15 minutes). On my second call I waited 30 minutes, just to get Andrew. I asked why I goy the notice, and he stated that it was “simple” my warranty was going to expire. When I got direct with him and said it was all a bunch of #$#2 he immediately hung up. These guys are certainly directed to dump any call where they feel that the called seems to be on to their game I may call back at a later time (knowing their game now) and have a lengthy conversation with them … revealing NO personal information and just playing Jimmy the Dunce. So glad I found this site.

  • http://[email protected] Kathleen Meyer

    2 Warranty notices received. The jokes on them. I bought a used car in 2005, I paid cash for it, it did not come with a warranty, and it was recently donated to the Purple Heart Organization. This has to be some type of ripoff or they would know I don’t own the car, and I never own cars that require warranty service. Blond yet, dumb no.

    I can’t get in touch with them to tell them to take my name off their mailing list, so I just rip up the car in little bitty pieces and feel sorry for whomever is getting paid minimum wage for mailing them out of FL to VA.

  • Ray

    I received a voice message from these people (recorded message) a couple weeks ago and it appeared to be about my daughter’s car. I knew immediately it was a scam since she didn’t have anything like this and had not dealt with this “company”. I help her with all her finances and know exactly what she has done that costs anything at all.
    Today she received a card, at my address, from them. It lists Florida, but no address and no web site, just an 866 number. Other than knowing it was a scam from the beginning and not doing anything about it, has anyone thought about where these scammers are getting their calling/mailing list?
    Also, since my home number is on the national do not call list and I have never done business with them, it was a violation for them to call my number. Although my daughter uses my mailing address for most of her mail, she has her own cell phone and has always used it, never my number. Also, in Washington state it is illegal for any profit-oriented company to make recorded sales pitch via a phone call. Only non-profits, government agencies, and political causes can use recordings legally.
    Can’t stop the mailings easily, but I am going to file a formal complaint with the Washington state Attorney General. It may take awhile for them to do anything, but it has worked for me in the past (that took about 1 year before the company was put out of business and fined).

  • tom

    I had the same problem with this number 281-520-3761, but I found a web-site which helped me very much, so check out this link . It’s a matter of time till you will get rid of it

  • Deb

    I’ve been getting these types of calls from an unknown bubusiness. My caller ID picked up the number the first tthe first time they called. We were not home so a strange message was left on our answering machine. It was odvious that is was a audimated call. We tried to call the number back but was unablt to put the call through. The second time I answered a call from Florida, the same audimated words came and when I put #2 to clear up by “warranty” issues, a person answered the phone without an interduction or anything. He when said “I need your cra make, modle and year”….Thats it! I said that I had hust bought me car and what the hell was this all about. And then there was silance. Nothing. He was still on the line but said nothing. I said “Hello….” more then once and then hung up the phone. This has to be a scam. The same audimated call came again today but this time…caller ID didn’t have a number…big surprise.

  • Richard

    I as well had some of the same experiences that most of you encountered with this same postcard and company. I called up the company to find out about this “really good deal” of a warranty they wanted to offer me. When the first guy I spoke to didn’t seem to know much of anything to answer my questions, a supervisor quickly came on. He was rude just like the first person I dealt with. I had an idea ahead of time that this was too good to be true but hey, nothing wrong in just inquiring,right? I was told that if I didn’t accept this deal before hanging up, I would be ineligible to have it at a later time. These people were were pushy to get me to sign up right away and wanted alot of personal information. Also, there was no way I could have anything sent to me by mail and they wouldn’t even send written details to my email address to explain what is covered on this warranty. Needless to say, I realized it was a scam and just hung up before losing alot of money. This company is not for real and is nothing more than a big joke!!!

  • Bob Morrison

    I just received the notice in the mail (about the 10 time). I have never responded to their notice. My experience was a telemarketer call. For about 6 months I have been receiving telemarketer calls in the evening and as soon as I hear the recording (sometimes warranty expiration other times lowere credit rates) I hang up. These calls are strange because the prefix on the caller is 5 (i.e. 5-062-221-8232) instead of i. I have filed complaints with the National Do Not Call registry but they just use a different number, but it always begins with 5. On one occassion I pressed 1 to talk to a representative. As soon as he answered he wanted my VIN and mileage. I said I wanted him to give me the info on the vehicle they are calling about. He said I needed to provide the info. I told him I would not provide any info and he should tell me which vehicle was involved. He said I should watch the tone of my voice. I asked who he was and he said Nathan. I said “No where are you calling from?” and he said NY. I said “No, what company?” and he said Warranty Advisors. When I asked to speak to a supervisor he hung up on me.

  • Margaret Tong

    That's interesting that Bob Morrison was asked to' watch the tone of his voice.' Recently, I've been told by scam telemarketers on the phone that I 'need to learn to listen when I'm being spoken to on the phone,' and also “Why did you press #1, you B#$%H!”


    These scammers need to teach their telemarkets some manners, otherwise, they really ARE going to lose business!

  • sessy

    These people are scam artist trying to get u to give information over the phone for cars that u do not even have.

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  • Katie

    I just received a call from “the automotive division” telling my VIN# was red flagged and would be deleted from the system today, so they wanted to offer me a warranty at 0% interest, no towing or rental fees, $0 premium & wanted to tell me what my payments would be. I stayed on to see what they had to offer & the supervisor came on. I told them I would need to speak with my husband about it and she said “oh, okay I'll hold” and I said, “no, he's out of town and he'll be calling me this afternoon”. She replied “oh, well, I'll hold and you go ahead and call him.” I explained to her my husband is at his hunting camp and there are no phones, I have to wait for him to call me (knowing there would be no call back number to accept this offer later). Sure enough, she then asks me if its MY car & why I would need to call my husband. :) I kindly told her yes, its my car, but my husband and I don't make any financial decisions without consulting each other. She then told me there is no way to hold this call open, its computer generated, so I'd be missing out on this wonderful offer. I said “yep, I guess I will have to” and she hung up on me! Nice, huh? I would love nothing better than to get HER home number and waste HER time trying to steal from money from HER.

    I also had a call a year or two ago from a different, less convincing company, where the guy asked me what kind of marriage I had if I couldn't even make a decision on my own? He kept on trying to make me feel like some kind of mis-treated wife. I could see how that would work with some women who aren't as comfortable with where they are at the time. Its a good ploy….but buyer beware. Anyway, he got real ugly! Basically, there are no deals that are today only but they won't give you any information about who they are and what their product really is. ALWAYS get it in writing!!!!!!!

  • nancy

    thank you for the information. The AWA just send me my third and final notice. I called and they wanted my personal information. I questioned them because they should already know the make and model of my car….if they know my warranty expired. What can I do to press my point to the BBB?
    By the way, they got no information and I called my dealership and confirmed my warranty is just fine…

  • Ree

    Got notice in mail for same. I knew it was a scam, as my car is out of warranty being a 1998. I haven't shredded yet, but I didn't waste my time calling either.


    Got this in mail. Knew it was a scam as my car is out of warranty, SHAME, SHAME, SOME PEOPLE HAVE NONE AND NO HEART!

  • danny714

    i took my car to a shop and they took care of me but they took two weeks to pay the shop . im having transmission problems again an now im scare

  • obbop

    Avast detected a trojan when I followed your link. May be a false-positive but, maybe it wasn't.

    I advise folks to avoid the site until the site's ownder has determined if it is clean or infected.

    AN outsider may have sneaked in and implanted a trojan or……. or…. as, said, it was a false-positive by Avast anti-viral software.

  • zed

    i gave these people my name and my phone number and email.. are they going to charge me somehow? or fraud me?

  • Karoli

    Just don't give them your credit card information. Worst case now, they hound you a bit on the phone and via email. But if they have your card information, they take a big chunk of money for next to nothing.

  • Karoli

    Just don't give them your credit card information. Worst case now, they hound you a bit on the phone and via email. But if they have your card information, they take a big chunk of money for next to nothing.

  • Jnieves115

    I possible got scamed what do I do?

  • ellie


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