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Fake Steve Jobs Reveal: Smarmy As It Gets

I was going to write a post about how the Fake Steve Jobs reveal in the NY Times smells contrived and smarmy, but Shelley (who has written some great posts lately) says what I was thinking, more or less, and I see no reason to repeat what she said.

It smells like a months-long book promo, and so much for transparency and honesty when it comes to blogging. The “fake stuff” was funny enough, clearly fiction, and not a big deal. The reveal was smarmy and contrived. I have no reason to believe that the NY Times reporter was able to uncover it all so ‘easily’ because a reporter was doing it. I think the outing came exactly when it was supposed to, in connection with building buzz for a book, which coincidentally just popped up for pre-order on Amazon.com. Where’s Calacanis and the Knights of The Realm now?

All of you folks out there who dumped on me for writing sponsored posts can take a flying leap for applauding his little 14-month coup. And Mathew (who criticized but did not dump), yes, it does make him a hypocrite. I have no problem with someone writing a humorous bit of fiction until it comes out that it’s all a months-long book promo, which it surely is. No one would’ve given a rip about this dude’s book without the drama around the FSJ blog. Don’t all of you feel just a little bit dirty?

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