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Happy Birthday to Us…

Today is Sticks’ 18th birthday. It is my 49th (GAWD).

Sticks is taking the drivers’ test today. He’s finished the first day of school, train commute and all. To him, it’s just a bigger version of high school. To BigDog, it’s a huge major milestone…proud dad and all that.

Sticks is celebrating after school and the DMV. I am working — big, huge gnarly project at work has me completely consumed until next week.

We’re going to the beach just as soon as Sticks plays his annual percussion concert on Saturday to celebrate birthdays and summer’s end and all of the other milestones that seem to have been ignored while we put our collective noses to the grindstone this summer. It will likely be the last time we go anywhere as a family of four for awhile, given that Sticks will have a whole new universe of independence.

I’ve read a zillion blog posts over the past week that have inspired me, but I’m too dang tired to write coherently, so I’ll save them and then they’ll be written about by everyone else, but I’ll probably still write about them. 🙂

Oh, and I did decide to stay with this new theme for now — it’s called Particles, by DevLounge. I like it because it’s different from the typical 2-3 column content/sidebar layout, it’s clean, and it has some nice features. I also decided to use the Lightbox plugin for the pictures, which is why the thumbnails in the RSS feed are smaller. To see the photos larger, just click on the post and then the photo — it’ll enlarge magically before your eyes.

I’m too young to be this old. 49 feels like one foot just fell into the grave.

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