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Good Deeds of Dancrs

Pretty dancr!

The highlight of today’s dance competition was a special competition in memory of a beloved friend of the sponsoring school, who died of brain cancer last year. Over 60 kids donated $15-$20 each for the right to compete — over $1,000 was raised for brain cancer research! The rules were that they could not wear their dresses — all dancers had to wear black outfits. For practical reasons, they were allowed to wear their wigs but no crowns with color. DG was one of about 20 recalled for the second round. She didn’t win, but she sure had a blast and a rush when her number was called for round two along with some of the top dancers in the nation, including the winner of the 2007 World Championships in the Girls Under 18 category!

I just have to stop and say…now that the braces are off, I think she’s just gorgeous. Mommy bias for sure, but if I can’t be biased, who can?

Celtic Feet

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