Simi Valley: Still A Hot Pocket of Racist, Petty, Greedy Bastards

by Karoli on September 25, 2007 · 15 comments

Liliana is an illegal immigrant with a 6-month old son. She is married to Geraldo, a United States citizen. Facing deportation, she was granted sanctuary by a tiny 80-member church as part of the national New Sanctuary movement. Originally sheltered in Long Beach, the little church closer to her home offered her sanctuary so she and her son could be closer to her husband.

Save Our State, an anti-immigration group (that’s putting it kindly — a read of their home page leaves me of the opinion that they are fascists) , was unhappy that Liliana and her son are sheltered under the roof of the church, untouchable by authorities. So they decided to stage a protest. Here is a description of their efforts:

Dozens of angry, loud people stood on each side of a Simi Valley church’s driveway using bullhorns and overworked vocal cords to hurl insults at each other in an immigration protest Sunday.

and this:

Photo by Rob Varela
Ventura County Star

More from that day:

No arrests were made — citizen or otherwise — but Naui Huitzilopochtli of Westminster, an immigration advocate, was writhing in pain after being sprayed in the face with a chemical agent, allegedly by an opposing protester. He was taken by ambulance to Simi Valley Hospital. Simi Valley Police Capt. John McGinty confirmed the incident and said it was being investigated.

Yes that’s right, this takes place in Simi Valley, home to the Rodney King trial and home to more police officers per capita than anywhere else in Ventura County.

From Save Our State:

“We’re frustrated Americans,” said Save Our State spokeswoman Chelene Nightingale, “and we represent all of the millions of Americans that were calling on Congress to stop amnesty. We’re here to let other Americans know that we’re here fighting for our nation and for our children.”

Nightingale then reveals her full agenda:

Nightingale said Save Our State members wanted to make a citizen’s arrest but realized during the protest they weren’t going to get anywhere near Liliana.

So she asked group members to call a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement hotline and demand Liliana’s arrest.

Photo by Anna Bakalis
Ventura County Star

Closely watched by about 15 police officers, the protesters ranged in age from an 18-year-old community college student from Simi Valley to 80-year-old Dee Barrow of Upland, who wore a wide-brimmed hat as protection against the sun. Police officers remained at the scene and the protest finally disbanded when the Save Our State folks figured out that they weren’t going to win a standoff on church property.

End of story, right? Wrong.

Three days later, the City of Simi Valley sent a $40,000 bill (PDF) to the church for services rendered in connection with police and public services dispatched to keep the peace. They billed over $35,000 in salaries alone, which breaks down to approximately $2,382 per officer for 8 or so hours work. Here is their logic:

Although the church was not a part of the protest, Simi officials said that by publicly announcing the decision to shelter an illegal immigrant, the church provoked the protesters to come and create a possible disturbance — one that required a police presence.

Evidently in Simi Valley they believe in punishing the victims. The church did not call the protest. The church did not invite the racist peace-disturbers to their front door, and the church has a right to protection just like every single other citizen of that city. The fact that churches are tax-exempt organizations does not exempt them from the same protections that others receive.

Simply put, the church neither instigated nor invited unruly protesters. If someone shows up at your front door hurling insults and demanding access to your home and you call the police, are you billed? Only if you live in Simi Valley, I suppose and if you happen to be sympathetic to illegal immigrants.

Setting aside the question of sanctuary and anti-sanctuary views for a second and looking only at the city’s actions, it’s clear that the city of Simi Valley is dead wrong in this. Dead wrong, as the ACLU has already pointed out.

“No matter what the sentiment of the Simi Valley City Council, no matter how loud the protesters are outside the church’s door, this church is constitutionally protected,” said attorney Peter Bibring at a news conference Friday afternoon at the church on Royal Avenue.

Why yes, it certainly is. Unless of course, you’re giving sanctuary to an illegal alien in a city that really, really doesn’t want any of ‘their kind’ within its lily-white borders. (I lived there for five years; it’s that bad, yes it is)

Now since the pushback from the ACLU, the city has agreed not to send any more bills, but it shows no intention of withdrawing the first bill either. WTF? I’m still scratching my head at the amazing salaries paid to Simi Valley police officers — I want a job where I get to work for 8 hours and earn $2,382/day. Let’s see, that works out to about $452,755 per year in annual salary per officer. Dang, where do I sign up? Ventura Sheriffs, who sent 43 officers have said they do not bill anyone for their services after the fact.

Let’s review this one more time:

  • In attendance: 9 Skinheads, uninvited; 120 protesters, not all of whom were even from the area.
  • The goal: To force authorities to enter the church and arrest a young woman with a 6-month old child.
  • The victims: Rev. June Goudey and her 80-member congregation, who are living their faith by trying to keep this young family intact.
  • The rapists: The City of Simi Valley
  • The hatemongers: Save our State

If the City Council of Simi Valley had half a brain cell working in their tiny little pinheads, they’d immediately rescind the bill and issue a heartfelt and sincere apology. If they are stupid enough to press forward and insist that the church pay that bill, they will be deep, deep in debt to all the lawyers they’ll have to hire to defend their sorry asses all the way to the Supreme Court. I will be the first in line to send a donation to that little church and to the ACLU to push ahead with this court case and see to it that their efforts to set yet another racist precedent are thwarted.

With all the ugliness we have in the world — a war in Iraq, saber-rattling with Iran, a federal government who daily tries to stroke our basest fears and make us all a little uglier, is it really necessary to persecute this young lady and her infant son by forcing their family to break apart? It should go without saying, but how can a conservative “values-based” community like Simi Valley justify the destruction of a family at all? Oh, that’s right…they can because that little family has the misfortune to be illegal and to be Mexican.

Just for some perspective, my first encounter with Simi Valley values came in the early 80′s, when I wrote a scathing letter to the editor of the now-defunct Simi Valley Enterprise after discovering that the local Jaycees barred women from joining or participating. They were permitted in one meeting per year — to serve food for the men. That was it. For all I know, it’s still that way. This was the eighties, not the fifties. Just a little flavor of how narrow and truly ugly the attitudes were then, and evidently remain now.

Here’s my message to Simi Valley:

I hope the ACLU bankrupts you and your petty City Council

-Faubus-Rockefeller-Eisenhower- Simi
Why are they so sick and ridiculous?
Two, four, six, eight: They brainwash and teach you hate. H-E-L-L-O–Hello.

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  • Simi Resident

    This article reveals just how racist you are in itself. Perhaps the title should read “This blog is still run by a racist, petty, greedy bastard!”. I hope that wouldn’t offend, since its not offensive and all…

    This blog is a pos in my book. is going to hear about it too.

  • karoli

    Simi Resident:

    My apologies for not releasing your comment from the spam filter earlier. It had to do with the email address you left — that one is common for porn spammers. Are you one?

    I make no apologies for the title of this post. The content belongs to the good people of Simi Valley who applaud the persecution of the victims. I wonder, do you all focus on white Russian illegal immigrants? Why not?

  • Andy Lopez

    Based on your logic, we should have let those at Enron go free plus give them a bonus.
    We HAVE to crack down on illegal immigration. I’ve lived here for 15 years and what a decline in my quality of life.

    Poor illegal Hispanics lining the roads and 7-11′s looking for work like prostitutes. They can’t afford to live here so they crowd into houses – with 10 cars on the street and front lawn. Huge amounts of trash.

    Along the highway (near the bike path that I ride) it used to be beautiful. Now there’s trash and poor illegal Hispanics passed out along the bike path, hanging in the streets. Look at the County Police releases. You’ll find weekly incidents of Hispanics attacking, battering, and raping people. This was NOT happening a few years ago.

    It’s just a BIG mess. They come here because getting paid $250/week and living 20 to a house is much better than life at home. Free school for their kids. Food stamps (for their American born children). Great infrastructure.

    The problem is that if you’re one of the unlucky ones living in or near where the new “poverty zones” have been established (and spreading), life is like Tijuana.

    What do you expect – we’ve got third world people on third world wages now living among us. It’s expanding and will continue to expand. Life here is better – even if you don’t have a job.

    We need to address this problem. I’ve considered moving out primarily because I’m getting tired of the 3rd world-like conditions spreading – AND not knowing when it will end or how bad it will get.



  • Carl

    The church shouldn’t be billed for protection, but it also shouldn’t act above the law, you’d hope that the ACLU would realize unchecked, unchallenged religious organizations are very dangerous.

  • karoli


    It’s not acting above the law. You’d all think they were sheltering a mass murderer. The father is a citizen; so is the baby. The mother isn’t. The church is within its rights to provide a place for a homeless mother and child.

    Please, those of you who think this church is acting illegally, can you tell me if you’re a) pro-life; and b)pro-family?

    If yes to a) or b), how can you possibly accuse this church of wrongdoing?

  • Jesse

    I think harboring a fugitive is an illegal act. No, I don’t see how a church is constitutionally protected in committing illegal acts.

    While their compassion is admirable, they should also be willing to shoulder the consequences of their choices.

    Just wondering, do you always rant like this? Have you tried intelligent discussion instead?

  • karoli


    Liliana is not a fugitive. Please explain how you came to the conclusion that Liliana is a fugitive.

  • Jesse

    Fugitive \Fu”gi*tive\, n.
    1. One who flees from pursuit, danger, restraint, service, duty, etc.; a deserter; as, a fugitive from justice. [1913 Webster]

    She was caught by Border patrol agents entering the US 9 yrs ago, she came back. She has since been ordered deported. Rather than be deported she has sought “sanctuary” which by it’s very nature acknowledges she is fleeing the authorities.

    That seems to be a very straightforward description of fugitive.

  • karoli


    She is a non-US citizen married to a US Citizen who is the mother of another US Citizen. She has been ordered to abandon her family. Under the definition of fugitive that you supplied, I will agree with you that she is a fugitive, but not from justice. From persecution, yes.

    Where you really leap in logic, though, is when you ignore the fact that Liliana’s presence at the church was not the cause of the $40,000 bill. The cause for the bill was the Save our State protesters who showed up en masse with the goal of having immigration agents raid a church for the purpose of deporting one young mother and her child.

    What’s wrong here is the idea that groups can stage violent protests (yes — violent…see the notes about injuries and pepper spray, etc in the original post) against a peaceful entity and the entity (who is the victim here) is billed for that cost.

  • Jesse

    Actually the leap in logic is your own. I didn’t say anything about who should be billed for what.

    I admire the church and it’s members for taking a stand. However misguided it may be, their intention is good. My contention is that for any action there are consequences and if the church chooses to make this stand they must be willing to suffer the consequences. Those could manifest in any many ways. Monetary costs, social status, public honor, loss of credibility, etc…

    The point is that when anyone makes a conscious choice of civil disobedience, having the expectation of no consequence is naive at best. Surely someone in the church realized there would be a price to pay for this.

    In this case I agree that charging the church is unreasonable and I can sympathize with their concern for what they consider a person in need. Don’t mistake that for agreement or approval of Liliana’s and the church’s subsequent disobedience.

    In short, the church is not a victim of the protesters because they CHOSE their own road. They may be victims in regards to the city charging for services they normally provide free of charge to others.

  • karoli


    The consequences of status, credibility, honor, etc…fine.

    The bill got sent to the wrong folks in this case. If I follow your argument about choosing the consequences right down the line, then should I also assume that females (and just to make it interesting, let’s say…sixteen year old females) who dress in fashion, which means tight jeans and tiny tank tops should be financially responsible for the hospital bill after she’s raped?

    I really don’t think that’s what you meant, yet that argument leads to that conclusion. The thing is, the police were needed not because there was a protest. The police were needed because there had been a history of violence at Save our State protests in the past and there was no reason to expect that this one would be different.

    When the City of Simi Valley sent that bill, they signaled exactly what they intended — that protests, no matter how vitriolic and violent they may be, are okay as long as the targets are illegal immigrants and they (at least appear to) recover costs.

    I have yet to hear anyone comment on the question of the moral aspects of taking a 6-month old child away from his mother and taking a wife away from her husband to justify her deportation. Why isn’t she at least given a hearing and opportunity to get the proper paperwork since she’s married to a citizen?

  • Jesse

    Ok, now you’re just being silly. If you’re going to equate my words with justification of rape, let’s be equally ridiculous and wonder if Sanctuary should be extended to mass murderers and child molesters.

    Your assertion that there was a history of violence is as reasonable as racial profiling. Both are examples of authorities prejudging a group because of the actions of some members.

    I haven’t hear you question why this “young mother” didn’t wait for legal immigration or why she came here without child and had one while she was here. Seems rather convenient to me.

    How moral is it to have a child while hiding from the authorities in a foreign country?

  • Beverly Danek

    I live here, sort of……. I ended up homeless in Simi. My exhusband a child molester got custody, police refuse to “believe a LA city fire capt. molests children”. I was harassed by code enforcement, even always living far below poverty level, and injured. My web site, There is no heart here. I have never met so many selfish, and or stupid people. I need to start adding how I am treated when I need help desperataly for my eyes.

  • Beverly Danek

    I live here, sort of……. I ended up homeless in Simi. My exhusband a child molester got custody, police refuse to “believe a LA city fire capt. molests children”. I was harassed by code enforcement, even always living far below poverty level, and injured. My web site, There is no heart here. I have never met so many selfish, and or stupid people. I need to start adding how I am treated when I need help desperataly for my eyes.

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