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Another great blogger sidelined by a cyberbully

Kathy Sierra, meet Kevin Leitch. I think the two of you have much in common.

I especially hate trolls that threaten children. There’s a special place reserved in hell for those morons.

Kevin Leitch is shutting down his wonderful autism blog (Left Brain/Right Brain) after troll John Best did a number on his little seven year old daughter, including assuming her identity and encouraging others to do the same.

John Best is a rabid anti-vaxxer. And when I say rabid, I mean foaming-at-the-mouth-in-your-face-what-an-asshole kind of rabid. For some samples of his spew, click here.

Kevin writes:

Let me be clear. I do not care one iota what this cowardly idiot thinks of me. He can write whatever he wants. But he has involved my daughter. Not to reference her progression. Not to quote me. But to laugh at her and to put words in her seven year old mouth.

I genuinely fear for her safety at the hands of this person (I will refrain from calling someone who picks on children ‘a man’). Three days running he has posted blog entries about her, two of which assume her identity and one of which is attempting to gain money in her name. I do not know where he would stop. Therefore the only way to make her safe is to remove us from his presence.

I cannot tell you how angry this makes me. This goes so far beyond disagreement over issues and into the realm of mental illness that it’s impossible to understand. You differ with someone, then exchange opinions. But involving their kids is a tactic which leaves them with absolutely no choice but to be silent, because no one with half a brain is willing to exchange the right to speak on the Internet with their child’s safety.

At the same time…

I’m not sure how Kevin shutting down his blog will silence Mr. Loony-Tunes-Anti-Vaxxer Best, since he was conducting much of his mischief on his own blog and can continue to do so. The only one silenced here has been Kevin Leitch.

When I wrote about anonymity here and here, this was precisely the problem I was referring to. The law-abiders — even anonymous ones — give a route to a contact point. But the ones who really just want to destroy ideas, people and reputations online can find any number of shitholes to hide in, just like Mr. John Best is doing.

What Kevin Leitch ought to do is track down Mr. Best and his provider, get a good lawyer and sue the hell out of them. I don’t know what UK laws allow and don’t allow, but I’m sure there is some provision in there for harassing children (like child abuse laws, maybe????), harassing adults, identity theft, and the other juicy and expensive violations of the law that Mr. Best is engaging in.

When a parent fears for his daughter’s safety AND identity (Mr. Best was evidently soliciting donations in Mr. Leitch’s daughter’s name…), AND that daughter is a young girl who doesn’t even use the Internet, it’s time to take action. I’m just not sure pulling excellent and credible information off the Internet to give someone with a shrill, ugly dangerous voice his way is the right way to do it.

So I went over to see what Mr. Best (aka Fore Sam) was doing on his blog. Oh, here are some gems, which I will copy but absolutely won’t link to.

Posted 9/16/07:

I have people question me once in a while about why I’m so rude to the neurodiverse. Some don’t think it’s fair that I bash these bastards constantly. Maybe those people should reread the posts here concerning the fraud by Baggs, Williams and Andrews. Them they should consider liars like Chew and Gorski. And, if that doesn’t help convince them that neurodiversity is just a sham to support drug company poisoning of babies, they should talk to some people whose kids have improved after being treated by Dr Geier who is bashed non-stop by neuroinsanity’s K Seidel. Seidel has dug up all sorts of junk that she portrays as “dirty laundry” but conveniently forgets to mention the improvement in Dr Geier’s patients. That sounds like a lie to me.

Posted 9/12/07:

Here’s another crock of shit from some conman claiming to have Asperger’s named William Stillman. This son of a bitch is using God to lie to parents, touting autism as a gift from God. He uses the spooky music in his video while he tells people there is no cure for autism.

Autism was caused by Eli Lilly not bothering to test thimerosal properly in 1929. Put that in your books, your videos and your speaking engagements you scumbag!!!

Posted today, in comments to his post celebrating the closure of RB/LB:

Justa Mom to 3,
I wouldn’t be surprised if Leitch didn’t even have a kid and used a tape of somebody else’s kid to further his deranged agenda. All these ND’s have to be mentally ill.

Should this kind of crap be allowed without any accountability? I say no. Google ought to shut down his blog, cache the whole thing so he can’t destroy evidence and Kevin Leitch should then subpoena them for records so that he can hold this thug accountable for the crap he spews not only about Leitch’s daughter, but respected doctors who don’t agree with him about his rabid anti-vax stance, therapists who are critical (and rightly so) of his whack-brained theories, as well as every professional he has slandered, libeled and otherwise smeared in the name of so-called free speech.


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