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Is Lori Drew Still Aiming at Megan Meier?

I don’t know. You decide. There was a trackback link from Right Voices on my first post that pointed back to “MeganHaditComing’s” post that I referred to in my original post about Megan Meier. On Monday, a new post went up on the blog, and frankly it doesn’t sound like it’s coming from a teenager. It is also so targeted, so direct, in its blatant effort to self-justify what Lori Drew did that it smacks of the same behavior she engaged in on MySpace with Megan. Given that she’s been given the “get out of jail ticket”, I’m sure she feels free to repeat the same behavior. Oh, and the police were a bit more specific with the New York Times about why Lori Drew’s actions were not a crime…

But a St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department spokesman, Lt. Craig McGuire, said that what Ms. Drew did “might’ve been rude, it might’ve been immature, but it wasn’t illegal.”

I’d like to ask Lt. McGuire if he’d have characterized similar action by a man the same way. But back to Lori Drew…

The abridged version of the latest blog post:

The Intro: No Blame But Megan’s

When the grief counselor came to our school last year and spoke to us, she said over and over again that Megan’s death was the fault of nobody but Megan.


She said it was a tragedy, but something like “there’s no way to predict when or why a depressed person would end her own life. In the end no one but Megan can be held responsible for Megan’s suicide.”

Part 1: My older brother said I should post these

Here’s where things get really weird. Whoever wrote this blog post selectively chose comments and responded to them in her post. Even more strange, her cheerleading responses are written in black on a background that is about two shades off from black, so you’d have to really look to see them. Here are some excerpts:

The Megan Meier ain’t no victim series:

COMMENT: You people talk as if this was a 5 or 6 year old girl who didn’t know better….please. She knew what she was doing. She got fooled this time! SHE IS NOT THE VICTIM. Quit speaking about her as if she was…..So ignorant!
RESPONSE: Good answer!

COMMENT: As any other 13+ year old I wrote my fair share of angst, and I had various comments, including ones that told me to kill myself, that I was worthless, etc. I’ve had people tell me to kill myself, and yet I’m still here. At 13, I was smart enough to simply step away from the computer. I mentioned earlier that I had made a suicide attempt, but the attempt was made due to reasons well beyond what someone said on the internet.
RESPONSE:Smart girl you rock!

The Lori Drew Fan Club:

COMMENT: Lori didn’t tell Megan to hang herself. Lori didn’t put the belt around her neck, didn’t fasten it to the closet. The evidence is scant that it was indeed Lori who sent the message that Megan allegedly found so hurtful.
Yet, there is an internet mob which insists that despite all these facts, Lori is guilty of the murder of Megan Meier. The internet mob has repeatably harassed Lori Drew, to the point where the police have expressed concern. The internet mob has also demanded the prosecution of the author of this blog for unnamed crimes. This is bullshit, and of course I stand against it.

RESPONSE: Jeff is one of the most level headed people here. I think you should read his comments where he debates a psycho mommy bitch (probably Tina) and hands her ass to her! Right on!

The response above, by the way, is one that I find the most telling.

The “I hate anyone who disagrees” series:

COMMENT: It’s quite obvious you don’t know what you’re talking about. Did you even know Megan? If not, you have no opinion worth listening to
RESPONSE: Oh really, Angel? Did any of YOU people commenting here condemning her and me even know Megan? Well, if not, none of you have an opinion worth listening to, according to Angel.

III. The Parting Shot:

So there you go. Megan was a skank who had her myspace pwning coming and when the shallow bitch realized that her trophy bf was fake, and everyone knew it, she went WAYYYYYYY over the edge and killed herself.

No one’s fault but Megan’s.

One final shot links to another blog which appears to be a tit-for-tat retailiation against the bloggers who outed Lori Drew. I won’t link it.

At first I was inclined to think “Troll”. Since I had my very own troll visit to my Lori Drew post, it’s not unreasonable. But that troll would’ve trolled on his own site — he’s not afraid to express himself. I absolutely do not believe the author of this blog post is a teenager. Too much effort to sound like a teenager with giveaways like the “mommy bitch” response. That’s not how a teenager would do it, there are none of the characteristic text-speak abbreviations, and it was posted at 11:34 AM, which would have been during school hours. Blogger and Blogspot are routinely blocked from school computer access.

If it is Lori Drew, it’s just a matter of time before she does something horrible to someone else to ‘protect her precious’. If it’s a troll, the entire blog will likely disappear as soon as the blogstorm has passed.

The reason I’m blogging it? Because my gut tells me this is probably not a troll, but someone in that ‘inner circle’, and given Lori Drew’s lack of hesitance to abuse people on the Internet behind the cloak of anonymity, it could easily be her. That blog post was posted the day after the candlelight vigil that ended across the street from the Drew’s house on the greenbelt. It would be unsurprising that in her narcissistic, hedonist fashion, she’d be going crazy about not being able to respond. What better way than an anonymous shot in the milieu she understands best?

Megan, rest in peace. If it’s a troll, it’ll evaporate. If it’s Lori Drew, she’s just shoveling a deeper and deeper hole for herself.

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