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Watch Frontline tonight

Andy Carvin at PBS.org twittered about tonight’s Frontline about teens and the Internet. From his post, it looks like they lead off with an interview with Danah Boyd (that link wasn’t working when I tried just now but maybe she just has the site offline…), and then talk about how integrated the Internet is into their social space.

It’s true — and if you have teenagers, it’s definitely worth watching. Even if you don’t, so you can help kids who do have teenagers. I’ve been following a discussion where parents and grandparents are posting comments saying they’re afraid of MySpace and don’t want their kids on it. Don’t miss the response back from a young person who talks about why she spends time on Facebook but then says social networks aren’t great communication tools. It’s a really interesting discussion.

Cranky Geek John C. Dvorak wrote a great article for PCMag.com about how important it is for parents to become informed and aware of how to use the Internet, how kids use the Internet, and parents’ responsibility with regard to Internet use. Another interesting read.

If you watch Frontline and have thoughts, stop by and leave a comment. I’d be interested to hear what everyone thinks.

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