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Oxnard Shooter to Be Charged

…with murder and a hate crime. I’m glad to see the DA recognizing the circumstances as a hate crime. I don’t think the death penalty applies in this case, even if he’s tried as an adult, which is a good thing. Hate crime or no hate crime, I don’t think 14-year old kids should be executed for their malice. I do, however, think he should receive an appropriate sentence of appropriate length in an appropriate facility. I hope his lawyer is able to negotiate something fair for him if he chooses to plea-bargain or is effective if it goes to trial. Compounding tragedy with tragedy isn’t right.

Perhaps part of his sentence could be including his influencers, whoever they are, in some education and training concerning the LGBT community, including the idea of “live and let live”.

Update: The Star has now updated the article to indicate that the DA does intend to try him as an adult, but his defense attorney will protest that. Also, State Senator Sheila Kuehl made the following statement:

“We know that Lawrence King, the student who was shot, and who has now been declared brain-dead because of the shooting, had already endured a number of incidents of serious harassment based on his stated sexual orientation and because others thought that his dress and demeanor didn’t fit conventional gender stereotypes,” the lawmaker, who is openly gay, added.

I want to know why, if he had endured a “number of incidents”, did the school not intervene or make an effort to separate these two, when it was clear from statements made yesterday that the administrators were aware of the ongoing tension between the two.

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