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Open Letter to SaveOurKids.net

Dear SaveOurKids,

Meet Larry King*, age 15, deceased, murdered in cold blood on February 13, 2008. He died because he was different. EffeminateInappropriate, if only to the likes of you.

red lipstick imageOn February 13th, Larry got up, got dressed, put on some of the blue eyeshadow he really liked, slipped on his black high-heeled boots, touched up his lipstick and went to school.

He’d talked to his friend Melissa Castillo the day before about ideas for the Valentine’s Day dance and was helping Melissa get ready for the big day. He arrived at school the morning of the 13th, reported to first period literature class, and headed off to the computer lab with his classmates.

Larry had some problems at school. The blue eyeshadow, red lipstick, high-heeled boots, and feminine clothing made him stand out. He knew it, shrugging and telling his friends,  “I am what I am.” Still, there had been teasing and confrontation, and he’d had to switch to a different PE class because he was being bullied.  Even though he switched classes, he still used the boys’ locker room, and on the field, was like everyone else in the shorts and sneakers required for PE.  Normal.  Acceptable. Noncontroversial.

That same morning, 14-year old Brandon McInerney got up, put on his jeans, t-shirt and sneakers, ate breakfast, and loaded up his backpack with books, pencils and a handgun. He also reported to first period, where he met up with his friend and told her that today would be the last day Larry King would spend on earth. She shrugged it off uneasily, figuring it was just more big talk. After all, Brandon and Larry were hardly best friends. She wasn’t sure exactly what had happened, but it was common knowledge that Brandon and Larry had a confrontation in the past, and Brandon couldn’t stand Larry. Maybe it was the makeup. Maybe Brandon thought Larry had a crush on him — everyone knew Larry was gay. Maybe Brandon didn’t like the same things Larry liked — Crosby, Stills & Nash, singing, animals, butterflies, music — all kinds of music.

blue eye shadow imageMaybe Larry was just a little too nonconformist– too controversial — for Brandon, maybe a little too stubborn, a little too feminine. Maybe he forced Brandon to face his fears about different people, feminine people, feminine boys. Effeminate. Inappropriate.
Whatever the reason, Brandon picked up his backpack, headed over to the computer lab, walked into the room, went straight to Larry King, where he placed the muzzle of his gun to Larry’s head and pulled the trigger, execution-style. Then he pulled back the gun and fired into Larry’s back one more time just for good measure before he took off running as fast as he could. Brandon is tall and fast, so he was able to get out of the room and off campus before anyone really realized what had just happened.

Now that you’ve met Larry and Brandon, I have some questions.

In the circular that you created to hand out to churches about SB 7771, you say this: SB777 does not reflect the will of the majority of parents, who send their children to school to get an education and get along with others, not to be introduced to controversial lifestyles and pressured into accepting them.

What did you mean by “…and get along with others, not to be introduced…and pressured into accepting them“? Did you mean that they should get along with others to the extent that they are similar (appropriate, noncontroversial)? That not only shouldn’t they learn about these so-called controversial lifestyles but they should also reject them within their social sphere, ostracize them, minimize them, and not be taught to live within a society where these “controversial lifestyle” folks live? Is that really what you meant?

Did you also really mean to say this? “[The law] will encourage and permit exposing children to many inappropriate concepts while they’re at school.”

Blue eyeshadow is not deadly.  It doesn’t give the wearer the urge to put a gun to someone else’s head until you all made it “inappropriate” for certain folks to wear it. Wearing blue eye shadow is not a crime, even when you’re a boy.

Here’s another question. When you concluded, you said this: Thankfully, Save Our Kids has started a referendum to overturn this outrageous assault on our values.

Did you ever imagine, ever in a million years, that someone might have been outraged enough at this outrageous assault on your values to pick up a gun at the age of 14, load it, and put it to the head of one of those “protected homosexuals” and perpetrate his own “outrageous assault“?

When you described this campaign for signatures as an effort “to save our kids from homosexual indoctrination“, did you ever imagine for a moment that one of those kids you sought to save would be laying on the floor of a middle school classroom with his brains blown out and blood pouring over that blue eyeshadow he so carefully applied that morning? Did you?  Save them from homosexual indoctrination while indoctrinating them with a lead slug in the center of their brain. Is that it?

In your petty effort to marginalize people and stir hate toward people you don’t understand, did you ever for one moment imagine that those children you so desperately seek to “save” heard your hate and were “indoctrinated” as a result?

blood spatterWhat’s more objectionable? A 15 year old boy who wears blue eye shadow, loves a stray dog and his high-heeled boots, and wears the word “effeminate” like it’s the latest fashion, or that same 15-year old boy laying stone-cold dead in a casket tonight, waiting to be lowered into his grave tomorrow, his heart beating in the body of the Valentine’s Day transplant recipient, his corneas in the eyes of another?

Oh, nameless people behind SaveOurKids.net, you failed in your efforts to repeal SB 777, but your campaign of hate bore fruit.

If I had a choice between wearing blue eye shadow or wearing blood on my hands I’d choose the eye shadow. Evidently you prefer blood.

1 SB 777 changes existing nondiscrimination laws to broaden the coverage of the law and mandates the implementation of certain nondiscrimination standards for any school which receives, directly or indirectly, federal funding. The law itself is not clearly worded and should be amended to protect both the schools and the groups it seeks to save from discrimination. However, the changes I think should be made in no way weaken the force or intended effect of the law; e.g. to prevent discrimination, violence and hate speech against other students for their sexual orientation, race, gender or disability.

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