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by Karoli on February 17, 2008 · 4 comments

Larry King’s death is a tragedy, but his family and friends are working hard to turn it into good.

While he was still on life support, his family donated his organs to give life to others.

Yesterday over 1,000 people marched through Oxnard to honor his memory and call for tolerance and understanding of others. The best part? The march was organized by two 16-year olds who wanted to do something in his honor and put it together via MySpace, text messages and phone calls. The school administration joined in as well in support of the kids. This is unprecedented for this area. Resounding applause to those girls for making a difference. If I’d known about it, I’d have been there, too.

Larry King’s family has set up a memorial site with a guestbook and photos: Remember Larry There’s also a memorial fund for those who wish to donate:

Lawrence King Memorial Fund
155 South A St.
Oxnard, CA 93030

A memorial service is scheduled for Friday, February 22nd at 3:00 PM.

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  • Church Lady

    There will be evil comments about this young man from those filled with hate. For those who mourn this young man, not even known to us, please know the majority of people believe Larry King was beloved in the eyes of God as well as in the hearts of those lucky enough to know him. And for people of faith, please turn your care as well to the young man who committed this horrid act. Two lives lost – and for what?

  • chris gregory

    I have a son who was one year ahead of Larry . He attended EO Green last year and then moved on to Oxnard high . My son is in a wheelchair and was to have an aid with him all day while attending EO Green . It was discovered in June of last year that Principal Lovestedt had allowed his aid to leave the school at lunch thus leaving my son alone where he was harassed and bullied . I brought this bulling to the attention Principal Lovestedt and school officials . This continued day after day and day after day I would talk with Lovestedt , I tape recorded the conversations that we had in his office in front of two witnesses . The school was negligent in how they handled themselves . They knew of the bulling problems as he stated on tape but never enforced what he knew . I told them that sooner or later a very serious problem would arise from their lack of actions . I spoke with an attorney who looked over the case all summer . The conclusion was that since there had been no serious physical damage done to my son that a case could not be filed though the attorney stated he was negligent in allowing the abuse to continue .
    The school was negligent with regards to your son , I know this and Lovestedt knows as well . If you ever need the tape please call on me .
    Chris Gregory

  • Marty


  • Marty


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