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As We Descend, Shall We Rise?

Of those things only should one be afraid
Which have the power of doing others harm;
Of the rest, no; because they are not fearful.

– Dante Alighieri “The Divine Comedy – Inferno”

Guarding the Prisoners
by Thomas Hawk

Today is the 5th anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq. 5 years of killing, profiteering, maiming and murder in the name of ‘fighting terror’. Yet, the true terror is what this administration has wrought in the name of oil and profits and control.

Our constitution has been subverted. Our phones, email, internet access, all watched. We take off our shoes at airports to check for bombs even as we deny the poor the right to earn their own shoes. Our jobs are outsourced, our economy leveraged, and we have rows of headstones added to Arlington as yet another reminder that parents have lost children, partners have lost partners, spouses have lost spouses, and there is more to come.

My son received his draft card in the mail yesterday. Ironic, that. Yet I can’t help but remember that if it weren’t for the kids his age that volunteered to go there, he would be standing in line waiting his turn. For that, I’m grateful, but we have asked too much.

We’ve asked them to sacrifice their lives, their health, their sanity. It’s time to stop asking and start giving back. Time for us to quit spending on war and start bringing these soldiers home with honor and glory and our resources. It’s time to stop spending our health care and our education and our veterans’ futures in Iraqi oil fields.

I’m leaving now to participate in a candlelight vigil and protest of the war at the War Veterans’ Memorial here. Photos will be here soon. Please consider attending a similar vigil in your neighborhood as a gesture of support for those living and those lost, and those still so far from their home.

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