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Myanmar Tragedy: 22,000 Dead

Myanmar (Burma) has been devastated. The latest AP reports say that 22,464 people have been confirmed dead, with another 41,000 missing. The largest city, Yangon has been badly damaged, and 1,000,000 people may be homeless.

I just gave another $50 to BlogHer’s Global Giving initiative to help get some relief to these folks. That means that we’ll be scaling back on some other things to cover it, but if I could, it would be more. I’ve asked the kids and BD to not get me anything for mother’s day and donate that money, too.

The disaster in Myanmar (Burma) exceeds anything we’ve seen in this country. Please dig deep — consider rounding up your loose change around the house, under the couch, hidden in old handbags, wallets and drawers and give to Myanmar, either through Global Giving or a charity of your own choosing.

Because 22,000 dead, 41,000 missing, and one million homeless is something I don’t think we can ignore, no matter how oppressive the government of that country is.

Please dig deep.

(Updated to include link back to Blogher)

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