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Guest Post: Dear Middle School…

I know things have been quiet here. I’m obsessed, and also getting ready for Dancergirl’s middle school graduation — a day we’re looking forward to in terms of counting days and hours. Here is her farewell note, which I thought was something worth sharing with all of you, too. It’s a great way to see what matters to our kids. I just wish the school would read it, too.

You suck. :D

I work my butt off for you all year, getting renaissance (above 3.25 gpa) every single trimester/quarter throughout every single year–6th through 8th– in HONORS classes with crazy teachers who make us write highschool level essays for tests, and you don’t even acknowledge me.

YOU DONT EVEN REMEMBER MY NAME–or if you do, you don’t spell it correctly

Thanks for making me really hate, fine I wont say hate–dislike with a passion– you guys. After punishing me for being a good dancer, a good student, locking me in the school one time while I was trying to do make up one of YOUR tests, and not even trusting me to get a book out of my backpack at lunch time–their exact words were, “I’m watching you.” I have some of these teachers for years and you still call me Abby, or Nicole. Jeez, is it really so hard for my PE teacher to remember my name when it’s written on my shirt???

But, you know what the worst part is? You really make me not want to work, and not want to try. Why should I? You care about the suck ups and the trouble makers. If they listen to you, why acknowledge them?

Its like when you’ve worked really hard for something, next to someone who has been working the judges over, or someone who was so bad, who didn’t care at all until they did one little thing, and its suddenly a miracle. Guess what order it goes in: The suck ups, the lazy people, the hard workers.

you know, I even tried not to care. After the stupid eighth grade awards night–of which you also messed up my brother on–I tried not to care about studying for that stupid test you try to cram in the last week of school, or the math project, or the stupid science activity. But you grrrrpeople have trained me like a dog, which is pretty much how you treat us too–and I realllly dislike you for that.

So here is my farewell wish for you, MVMS. Stop focusing on test scores like they’re the bible. Stop making it a hassle to learn, a chore, and once again make it fun, a privilege. Don’t EVER make someone regret working hard. By the time people leave your school, make ALL of them sad to be leaving–not counting the hours until they are out of a school filled with stiff necked test scores at all costs losers. :D

And don’t punish people for being successful.

Maybe then you’ll win back some of my respect, maybe some of the rest of my family’s too. I’m not promising though.

And to you MVMS I’m counting days, and hours until I walk through your doors for the last time–only remembering the few good times I shared with a few good friends, all enduring your school together. You boxed me in, you frowned upon my success, you worked me like a dog, and gave me a cookie to smooth it over. SEE YA!




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