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Dear Startlogic – Suckit!

For a Monday, it wasn’t so bad. One of my coworkers is on vacation so I was in full-tilt boogie covering for her, had twitter open and had loaded up Leo LaPorte’s live stream of Steve Jobs’ keynote about the new iPhone.

I posted a post on the political blog and went back to work, listening to the iPhone presentation in the background, when all of a sudden some Twitter friends sent me a note at the same time telling me they were getting an error message saying that the site they were accessing was on a server that was to be deleted.

WTF? And sure enough, there it was.

I have several sites on Startlogic and all but this one have been migrated to their new server and admin platform. This is the oldest of them all, so I figured it would be one of the last.

Evidently not. It seems that something didn’t port well, and despite the rather snotty insistences that they had been sending me emails for months letting me know this was going to happen (they didn’t, but more in a minute on that), it was still sitting in limbo and due to be deleted forever on June 30th.

So instead of telling me they were going to redirect to a splash page, they said nothing. I went through all of my email and found the note saying it was scheduled for migration but no notice that there had been a problem. No notice saying “drop dead or fix it by June 10th or ELSE.”

Just a forced redirect to a splash page telling every visitor and everyone who linked to me here and on the political blog that…nothing was here.

After spending an hour holding for their tech support, I decided it just wasn’t worth the aggravation. I backed up the blogs, the databases, and all the multimedia and moved everything over to Bluehost before Steve Jobs could say “Congratulations, it’s iPhone 2.0!”

Now it’s nearly 11:00. It took over 12 hours for the DNS to update to the new server. I still can’t see the blog from my own computer here, but twitter friends assure me it’s really, really there. Of course, the database broke during the import and I ended up being locked out of my own blog, but that was a small thing, easily fixed. More or less, anyway.

Just a little notice, Startlogic. That’s all it would have taken. You could have sent me a “FIX THIS OR ELSE” letter. You could have called. Even robocalled and left a message. You could have twittered me, even.

But when you suck up someone’s entire site into a black hole and leave a splash page behind, we’re done. After three years, that’s exactly what we are. Buh-bye. You too, can suckit.

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