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Summer Tears

Tears of Summer

I love the new Nikon. My life this week? Not so much.

It’s hard enough coming back from vacation, but coming back from vacation to discover that I made an error on my office rent check date — a really STUPID error — cost me $655 in legal fees did not start the week well. In fact, it royally pissed me off.

After writing the check, I can hardly stand going to that office, just because the landlords who shall not be named right now knew damn well I never postdate checks and after being there for twelve years, they certainly could have called me to clarify that I really meant JUNE 1st and not JULY 1st. No, they sued me instead.

I felt stupid. And bullied. And just generally half-cocked in a pissed off position.

It’s hard coming back from vacation more tired than when I left. That’s the price for spending vacation days at major Irish Dance competitions, especially when we fly home very, very early the day after the competition.

Sticks is being a complete grouchy reclusive, my house is overcrowded, there are no prospects for it becoming less crowded anytime soon, and all of it has left me feeling hemmed in and pinned down.

Thank God for BlogHer next week. Four days of NOT dealing with this stuff. Glorious heaven.

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