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Twitter Buys Summize – Not a Moment Too Soon

I haven’t written much here about my passion for using Twitter with the Track feature, mostly because we talk about it on NewsGang Live all the time.

Track opens the conversation in real time on important topics, from the earthquake in China, to the election, to the recent iPhone release. It permits discovery of new voices with fresh thoughts and releases us from the echo chamber.

For about six weeks, Twitter has disabled their track feature, leaving us to use Summize for tracking important topics. It works reasonably well, but as a standalone site couldn’t be integrated into much other than a cobbled together GTalk application called Twitterspy.

With the acquisition of Summize by Twitter, I hope it can be integrated into the API, and the gateway to IM services opened again with Track enabled. That would be the logical next step — let’s see if they go there. At the very least, they should be able to integrate it into the API so that Twhirl and other standalone applications can access it.

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