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Dancing with Sunsets

a momentary view through the eye of the master

Last Friday our skies were cloudy, warm and interesting, prompting a trip to the beach at sunset with the camera and tripod.

The sunset itself was magnificent. It was high tide and the surf was high, too, forcing more than one scramble up on the rocks to save me and the equipment from being soaked. But just after sunset, around the time this was taken, there was a moment where I felt like I’d been invited into a scene unlike any other.

After the sun dropped below the horizon, it reflected a blaze of color on the ocean to the west for another full hour. As I watched the lightplay, I saw a school of dolphins out in the distance, and when I looked away from the light to the other side of the beach, three sea lions were close by, near enough that if I had wanted, I could have taken a few steps into the water and touched them. Two flocks of pelicans skimmed the water close to the dolphins, looking for a few fish to top off the day’s catch.

Capturing moments like that with a camera prove elusive. Shutter speeds are too slow to catch dolphins and sea lions with clarity. But in my mind’s eye they’re there, real, alive, and for one short time, celebrating the end of a day well lived.

light in absentia

The rest of this summer’s ocean series (mostly used to protest offshore drilling initiatives), can be found here.

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