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Untainted Oceans

Lesser Poems

The composition of blue sea and of green,
Of blue light and of green, as lesser poems…

– Wallace Stevens (Lesser Poems)

Although I’ve completed my protest posting of photos of the Pacific coastline over on the political blog, I have a few more that I took at the end of August while watching a sunset that felt like a gift from God. So I’ll post those here…and at the same time, remember those who are suffering as a result of Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, including some blogging friends.

Even though we’re in a horrible economy right now, and things are tight everywhere, please try to make a donation to the Red Cross to help the folks out who have been devastated.

Go visit Julie Pippert’s blog to get an idea of what she came back to, then multiply that by tens of thousands…they need attention and help. There is a sort of general sense that because they aren’t New Orleans, they’re getting no media attention. I think that’s likely true to some extent, though I’d also include the bleak financial news that kicked off this week as another reason.

Anyway, help if you can. As will I, and every little bit will hopefully help folks like Julie.

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