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the long and the short of a thing

the long and short of a thing

To calm my mind, I took off for the beach on Sunday. The election has been one constant mind-sucking hyperfocused long haul. Being able to take pictures, listen to the surf, and enjoy the post-storm turbulence was a good thing for me to do.

Hyperfocus like I’ve had for almost a year is not a particularly good thing for me, the people around me, or the workload. I essentially piled on 4 or more hours a day of work to what I was doing, and even more reading.

Even more of a shock? Coming up for air on November 5th with joy at President-elect Obama’s victory, incredible disappointment in California’s acceptance of Proposition 8, and the sense that the energy I faced the day with was going to be difficult to sustain without the ‘fight’ mode I’d become accustomed to. For the moment, I’m trying to dig out of some work backlogs, stay focused, and still enjoy life.

However, I have some posts in the pipeline that are more than photos, so please stay subscribed. It’s been a long haul to the finish line, but crossing it just means the next race starts, which for me, is the long and the short of the thing.

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