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Sylmar Fire

Sylmar is ablaze. It’s one of the scariest fires I’ve seen in or near the San Fernando Valley. Here are some links for information:

As I write, Twitter friend @sweatpantsmom is trying to guide her husband out of the area after he got through to get his 87-year old father out of there. They are closing all avenues for them to get out, but another Twitter friend (And my BlogHer roommate!)@Adriennevh is sending directions to try and get them out.

Oh, and just for good measure an earthquake hit earlier, centered in Fillmore. Just a little earthquake (3.5), but it jolted me and definitely made me wonder if locusts were next.

Without the real time stream, much of what I’ve listed above and the help that was given to those in need would not have happened. I think I added 40 people to my followed list tonight so I could communicate with them.

Depending on the wind, this fire could move east toward Glendale, which would mean that I would be tweeting a storm to get the status of many friends as well as my Mom. Or, it could move north toward QueenofSpain‘s neck of the woods.

Every year, part of California burns. You’d think we’d be used to it, but we’re not. You never get used to hearing about friends and loved ones in danger. Adding an earthquake to it just rattles the cage that much more. Thank God for a real-time outreach tool to get info, support and share information.

Note, this fire has now been named the Sayer (or Sayre) Fire. More information at the LAFD blog here. Also @Dreamented lost his house tonight. Earlier he had sent pictures of the fire approaching, then the next messages we saw said it was gone. I’m sorry for his lost property but glad he wasn’t injured or hurt.

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