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My very terrible awful week

Things you don’t want to hear, ever:

1) Your Internet service is off and won’t be back on for at least 24 hours. Not only that, but the same pronouncement will be repeated by some hapless tech for the next 72 hours.

2) Your bank account is overdrawn by $500 because Compuserve mysteriously started taking fees from your checking account for an account you thought you cancelled 14 years ago, starting a rolling wave of overdraft fees because you operate way too close to the edge.

3) One of the kids asking you to hold the dog so they can sweep up the shards of your last intact Coke glass that just shattered on the kitchen floor.

4) You’ve been laid off from the job you loved and had for nearly eight years. The one with the health insurance benefits.

This week I heard them all. Three of them in one day. The coke glass broke tonight.

I would console myself with the thought that we are healthy and safe but I’m afraid I’ll invite more bad things.

So I’m whispering it quietly to myself while repeating this mantra over and over…tomorrow will be a better day…this will pass.

Maybe it’s that big huge moon. Or W’s fault. Or just a convergence of more bad economic news. Or a reminder that nothing is ever certain. Whatever it is, it can stop now. Please?

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