odd time signatures

tears on a moving landscape

tears on a moving landscape

What the world looks like from my “office” window on a freezing cold, rainy, windy day. If you look at it in this size you get microcosmic views of the outside world.

Life Update: The job hunt begins. The first barrier is overcoming the lack of a college degree. While I’m confident that my experience and most recent work speaks for itself, the age-old challenge is getting your foot in the door. I know this well. It’s what I tell Sticks every time he gets frustrated with the general education requirements when all he wants to do is make and study music. Now he sees what I’m talking about in real time.

Fortunately, there’s a network of people out there who know me and know what I can do. I finally went ahead and joined LinkedIn (my profile is here). From what I’m seeing on Twitter, I’m not alone in the search in this hideous economy. Let’s hope things change, and change soon.

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