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Twitterer of the Year: One Award We Can Do Without

I love Robert Scoble, but sometimes he drives me nuts. It’s bad enough that Time culls out one person as their Person of the Year (even if it is Barack Obama), that Dave Winer names a “Blogger of the Year” (even if he does choose interesting bloggers), and that every publication and website is eagerly building their year-end top ten lists.

Scoble’s latest question is this: Who is “Twitterer of the Year“?

Twitter is inherently democratic. The voices you hear are the voices you want to hear. You get to filter the ones you don’t want to hear. Every single decision to follow or not follow someone is purely subjective, based on your individual filters and preferences.

Every person on Twitter creates and shapes their own community based on their filters. My mother would never follow Tim O’Reilly, no matter how wonderful his Tweets might be. For as many people that follow Robert on Twitter or Friendfeed, there are hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) who don’t. Nothing personal, Robert, it’s just that they’re creating their own community (or micro-community) around their own interests and voices.

This is why the question is silly. It’s beyond silly, it’s idle. There is no one “Twitterer of the Year”. We are all contributors to our communities, and we all have value. No one person has greater value than another.

Robert, the better question would be this: When will Twitter give us track so we can discover and create even better communities?

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