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Reflection on Christmas

reflections on christmas

The best part of this Christmas was getting to spend fun, warm, happy times with family. My mother had a great dinner at her house on Christmas Eve, and everyone came who was close by. My cousins, who I haven’t seen in three years were there and we finally got to meet the Eldest’s girlfriend, who is a lovely, warm genuine person. She also knows how to make some major pies, among other things. I have warned Eldest to always be good to her no matter what, because she’s clearly a person who only deserves the best. Truly good people.

Today was spent with BD’s family, with fun, great food, smiles, games and good times all around.

Miss Dancer was right: It was time to get Merry about Christmas and quit being a wet blanket. I’m glad I have her to remind me when I get all stuck in my head.