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Life 2.0 – Year of the Reboot

TweepleBlogger David Wilson cast the gauntlet at my feet earlier today. After writing an extremely kind profile of me and this humble blog, he challenged me to post my professional goals for 2009 and then pass the baton to someone else.

Have you ever had one of those moments when something so simple just feels too complex to even think about? This is one of them. The more I thought about his challenge, the more frozen I became. Professional goals? What professional goals? Beyond figuring out how to find a way to earn a paycheck and do what I love, I haven’t been able to bend my mind around my professional goals.

I updated my dusty and far out-of-date resume, because that’s what jobseekers do. It was so far out of date that I had to go back to email and document archives to figure out what the heck I’ve done for the last bazillion years since the last time I wrote a resume.

Because I just do what I do. I take pictures. I write. I whine occasionally, rant often, and participate always. Maybe you want to read what I write and maybe you don’t, but the good part is that I can write it, publish it, rant, whine, laugh, and cry and never know whether anyone reads it or not…it just makes me happy to do it. The same is true of my work life.

I had a job that I loved despite battling recalcitrant, old-tech software and balancing a lot of different needs and goals on a pin while trying to do right by my employer, the bloggers, and the audience that came to expect good things from the blogs I managed in the past few years. I fell into it through luck and networking, just as I did with CNN, and had the good fortune to be there for eight years. It was a great place to work and I worked with great people. I did what I do. And I loved doing it because the result was to bring good, solid, valuable information to people who needed it.

2008 has thrown a lot of transitions my way all at once. Being laid off, the death of my father, closure of the office, the rush of the election, new friends made, new directions explored, and a whole lot of uncertainty has left me shaken more than I can ever remember. There have been other years with changes, but the roads ahead in those years were far clearer than the road ahead is now.

So here’s my goal, and it follows my pattern of doing what I do: Launching Life 2.0.

In Life 2.0, I am resolved to:

  • Allowing myself to be led by passion and not fear.
  • Owning my mistakes and embracing my successes.
  • Learning new skills, being unafraid to try new things.
  • Using the gifts that I’m given to help and encourage others.
  • Letting my passion for people and technology lead me toward and through whatever career risks I need to take.

When computers are rebooted, their memory is wiped clean and the essentials reloaded. Usually they perform better than they did before.

When life is rebooted, it’s an opportunity to embrace the challenges, changes and transitions with passion rather than fear. That is my goal.

Well, that, and tweaking the nose of every Twitter friend who worries about who follows them instead of who they follow. 😉

In the spirit of the original challenge and the venue it was issued in, I’ll leave you with an excerpt from David Wilson’s New Year’s poem:

We twittered of presidents, losers and kings,
We twittered of wars and we twitpiced the rings
As a few of our number entwined their accounts
And twittered together, in lesser amounts

We twittered of Twitter and Tweeted of blogs,
Of ankle strap heels and of Birkenstock clogs
We twittered our lives and our hopes and our dreams
Because here in the Twitterverse everything seems

Just a little bit closer, a little less sad,
When the real world is broken, or wailing, or mad
In this tiny Tweet universe friends can be found,
No matter what time or what day, they abound!

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