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Julie Amero Featured on GMA

If you’ve followed the Julie Amero saga, don’t miss Good Morning America tomorrow, January 27th. Julie, Alex, and other key players in the case were interviewed for airing tomorrow morning.

Lest you think Julie’s story is old news, it’s not, nor is all sweetness and light now that the charges have been dropped. Here is a link to Rick Green’s blog post about the charges being dropped. Read the comments, all the way down the page to the comments from “Me Again“.

As if it weren’t bad enough that his “erroneous” testimony convicted her the first time around, now this man cannot let go of reality: Julie Amero was a victim of malware and sloppy network administration.

She doesn’t have her teaching license and she doesn’t have her good name restored. She is, however, at least free of the spectre of jail hanging over her head, which I suppose is something, at least.

Tomorrow she will tell her story on GMA. Don’t miss it, and spread the word, please.

This is from a note Julie sent at the beginning of the year. I’m excerpting it here because many of you were part of the support group that she mentions in her note.

Without all of you wonderful, caring,and generous people, i probably wouldn’t be
writing to you all right now. I would most likely be in a prison cell, without your love and
care. So, from the bottom of my heart, i send to you all, a very happy, healthy new year.
I am doing well, i am working on getting my life in order. Every day is a step i am willing
to take. I am working on my social skills daily. For awhile i wasn’t going out, not even to
the store. People would stop me, “aren’t you that sub from norwich” it was hell. I would
run and cry and be blown away that someone would actually be that bold as to even say
that to me.But i now am stepping out. Now, i just say, I am strong, i have had a wonder
group behind me, and i am loved. I really am doing better.

I’m grateful that her health is slowly being restored and her outlook is so rosy. I truly hope that GMA does a great job of showing everyone the true face of a woman who was victimized twice — first by malware and second by a justice system that settled for less-than-stellar facts.

Reports of new outbreaks of Trojans and malware are traveling around the Internet. Please get yourself a decent antispyware and antivirus program. Yes, I will pimp Sunbelt for a great solution — Alex Eckelberry is a man committed not just to Julie’s cause, but to the cause of making sure we’re all safe from a similar kind of persecution.

If you watch, stop by and leave a comment letting me know what you think.

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