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Julie Amero: Heroes and Villains

Note: I published this on June 6, 2007, after Julie’s conviction was overturned. At the request of her lawyers, I pulled it back from public view. Now that she has paid her pound of flesh and yet the noble Lounsbury seems to want to continue to harass her, I am making it public once again, where his words shall remain. You decide who to believe.

Now that Judge Strackbein has done the right thing, I want to talk about some of the things you won’t find in the reports about this case. Since February, I’ve been part of a private discussion group with an amazing bunch of people. As Frank says, we come from all walks and different professions, perspectives and life experiences. It’s been one of the most interesting discussion lists I’ve ever participated in. Ever.

The Heroes

hero imageSome of the people involved in this discussion group took an active role behind the scenes. You already know that there were many, many IT experts involved. A sweep of the articles about the new trial will tell you who they were, because many of them are speaking out. Alex Eckelberry lists many of them, including Nancy Willard, director of the Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use. Nancy is a brilliant and passionate woman, dedicated to educating others about safe internet use without hysteria and overreaction. Back in February, Nancy engaged Det. Mark Lounsbury in an email exchange to try and get him to see the error of his conclusions and testimony at trial. That testimony is the “false testimony relied upon by the jury” that caused the judge to vacate the verdict and order a new trial.

Enter the villain, stage right

monster imageLounsbury isn’t the only villain, but he’s certainly the one who sealed Julie Amero’s fate in court. (See Rick Green’s excellent op-ed piece for some of the others).

Mark Lounsbury is a fascinating character, if you’re reading a horror novel. If it’s real life, he’s downright frightening. You can read the entire email exchange by downloading the PDF I’ve made for the site. Mr. Lounsbury himself granted permission for his remarks to be published. I have redacted email addresses, but the original document was clear that the email originated from his office with the Norwich Police Department.

In his own words:

On religion:

I am a Christian by birth and a Jew, a Muslim, a Hindus, and a Buddist by choice. We all have something to give. The problem lies in the human race’s fear to explore its innate ability to see and accept the truth, to open its collective eyes and to embrace the truth.

(Hold that thought for later)

On a challenge to his conclusions; specifically, the conclusion that the sites were intentionally accessed:

I’m not suppose to talk about the case and have alluded to you numerous points of FACT, but you IGNORE the facts which I freely offer you.
FACT#1: I have nothing to confess.
FACT#2: I am NOT WRONG (my statements are based on the facts, facts which no one wants to see),
FACT#3: I did NOT drive a MINOR around while intoxicated.
FACT#4: The FACTS are available, free of charge, to ANYONE who wants them.
FACT#5: No one has requested the FACTS.
FACT#6: The EXPERT in this case, the person who all are basing their opinions, is going to HELL.
FACT#7: YOU ARE AFRAID OF THE TRUTH. You’ve made a decision and are INCAPABLE of opening your eyes to the truth.
FACT#8: Because of you and people like you a) my goose is cooked (stick a fork in me) and b) a stupid woman with NO, I repeat NO, moral values is being portrayed as a VICTIM.

(remember, this is the guy who claims he opens his eyes and sees the truth…the first part of that rant related to the articles discovered on the internet about his censure for having a minor in an official vehicle with an open container of beer. The case? An undercover alcohol sales to minors sting)

On being a hero, fighting evil, seeing the light:

Early on in my career I was lost. I didn’t know what to do about people’s inhumanity to people. Then I came home from work one morning and turned on the TV. One of those bible thumping shows was on and I watched it. I took one thing away from the preachings, KEEP THE FAITH. YOU and the rest of the herd have NOT done so. YOU have LOST the FAITH. You choose to accept the lies, the evil: FEEL THE POWER OF EVIL! You have decided to violate the COMMANDMENTS. For what I ask. I don’t have that answer because I have the Faith. I do not judge. I seek the TRUTH, be it in my personal life or for humankind.

I DARE you to look me in the face, to SEE what GOD sees: the FACTS. I dare you to continue to JUDGE ME! I ask GOD to show YOU the TRUTH, to have JULIE AMERO CONFESS the TRUTH. I Know that will never happen but, maybe I’m wrong? Feel free to share this with the world. I invite the ignorant to test my FAITH.

On his passion for “saving the children”:

The good news is that I do not quit. I continue to work with any and every LE agency in this country. I’m currently working with the FBI, trying to co-host a NW3C (National White Collar Crime Center) training program needed to provide free training for officers needed to catch child predators.

On his belief that he is good and everyone else is evil:

Do you know that there was a FIREWALL in place? Do you know that I have the firewall logs? Do you know that the evidence recovered by ComputerCop Pro is confirmed by the firewall logs? Do you know what a relative link is and how htm tags work (do you want to see the blue relative link turn red = font tag)? Do you know that the proof of a web page lies in the source code (.htm, .pl, .js, .gif, .jpg)? Do you know that Active X controls can be written in many languages, to include C++, AND only function in a Windows environment? Do you know that Herbert Horner is a lier, a being with NO moral values? Do you know that I can prove that FACT Empirically?

(Herb Horner’s conclusions were confirmed after the verdict by the Connecticut State Police Crime Lab. That report was the ‘new evidence’ that prompted the judge to vacate the verdict)

And finally, on the “FACTS”:

I just want to make one thing perfectly clear. In my capacity as a public servant I have no opinion in this or any matter. What I present is JUST THE FACTS. I don’t make suppositions or contort the truth. With that said, I hope you find the strength to face the facts and to take responsibility for your words and actions, someday.

My Question:

Do you think Mark Lounsbury is the exception, or the rule? Is the monster one of our own creation, in the societal zeal to ‘save the children’? Here’s a guy on the public payroll who believes with every fiber of his being that Julie Amero is an evil, perverted porn grabber who has now caused him to be the scapegoat in the outcome to this case. Should we have law enforcement officers, particularly detectives, who do not arrive at their conclusions through generally accepted principles of best practices? Who SWEAR IN COURT to false conclusions based on an incomplete investigation? Is this an everyday occurrence? I think it just might be.

And if he is the monster we created how do we put that monster back in the box?

Julie Amero and Wes Volle are breathing easier tonight, but they’re not out of the woods yet. Until the charges against Julie are dismissed, they are still facing a new trial, new expenses, and the fact that Julie is unemployable until her name is completely cleared. Her defense fund is linked on my sidebar where the ad used to be. Consider clicking it and donating if you believe we should be putting the monster back in the box.

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