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CVS/Caremark: The Last Place to Turn for Health Care Reform

Oh, my. The beneficiary of the biggest Medicare scam in history thanks to George W. Bush now thinks he’s got the solution to health care. [Disclaimer: I have seen how Caremark/CVS handles their pharmacy benefit management company, and written about it extensively.]

CVS’s Bold Bet on Health-Care Reform – BusinessWeek

Ryan believes CVS could help solve this problem [patients abandoning drug regimens] and, in the process, boost its own bottom line. As a pharmacy benefit management company, the Caremark unit handles drug coverage for large employers and health plans, negotiating discounts with drugmakers. It owns a treasure trove of prescription drug data, as does CVS

Let’s think about that for a minute. The company that made it nearly impossible for me to fill a prescription ordered by my doctor thinks that if patients stuck to their drugs it would mean large savings for the health care system.

Only if the drugs prescribed were the drugs Caremark got the sweet deals on. Seriously, this debate must take place outside of the self-interested and already-benefitting if meaningful reform is to take place.

Don’t buy the hype.

More on CVS/Caremark and their participation in the so-called Medicare reform bill.

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