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Dr. P, I will miss you

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For nearly eight years, I worked for WebMD. Most of that time was spent managing the community health professionals, coordinating their work with WebMD members on their message boards and later, on the blogs. Over the years, I had the privilege of working with many, many gifted health professionals who were dedicated to not only healing others, but educating as many as possible about their health, their condition, and ways to make their quality of life better.

Dr. Steven Parker was WebMD’s resident pediatrician. Better known as “Dr. P”, he reassured many new parents about their babies’ colic, bowel movements, development, and just about every other parenting topic out there. He gave far more time than he had to simply making parents feel okay about being a parent. Never judgmental, he was always quick to say that parenting is just hard work.

This afternoon I received word that he died suddenly in Boston. There are no words to express the sense of loss and sorrow I have at hearing this news. Dr. Parker was one of the most intelligent, compassionate, funny, and kind people I ever had the privilege to know, much less work with for years. He always had a smile, an opinion, and encouragement for me. He respected my job just as I respected his, and always treated me with courtesy.

I will never forget how he rose to the defense of the defenseless with his thoughts on autism, ADHD, and giving. The internet, WebMD, and I are a little poorer today without him.

To his wife and his family, my prayers and condolences go out to you. May you find some peace and comfort in his legacy of happy, healthy children left behind.

To Dr. P – Wherever you are, I hope you are surrounded by the souls of happy, laughing children. You were a highlight of my time at WebMD, and I will miss you.

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