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Call to arms

No, I’m not writing about Iran. You can read all you want about Iran by checking the Twitter hashtag #iranelection. Actually, I’m a little frustrated by the attention being focused on Iran because the real time stream is so compelling right now that an issue with far deeper implications to our lives is being buried in the “we are all Iranians” (which we’re surely NOT) meme. Watch this video:

Then read this post.

Now is the time for us to step up and control the healthcare reform crisis. That is, unless you want to have some watered-down insurance company-written version that hands all control and power to the insurance companies just like we have now. No co-ops. No compromises. 3/4ths of the voters in this country support the public healthcare option. Don’t let the insurance mullahs steal the message from us.

Besides making the calls Lee Stranahan calls for in his video, please consider other ways to help. Here are some needs we have to get the word out:

  • I am looking for a designer who would be willing to do a simple t-shirt transfer design, possibly some sign designs too.
  • For those readers in Ventura County, consider joining me on Saturday 6/27 at the Ventura Farmer’s Market to Give to Food Share: Healthy Food for Healthy Families. If you’re not in this area, please go to http://my.barackobama.com and see what events are happening in your area.
  • Visit the Twitter Fan Wiki for all government twitterers here: USGovernment. Start sending your message directly to them via Twitter. Call. Write. Email. Write your editor.
  • Post your photos to the Healthcare Reform group on Flickr.

Other ideas? Post them here. Let’s get the ball rolling underneath this. Our country, our health, and our kids are depending on it.

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