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Kind of Blue

(Apologies to Miles Davis)

I was raised to respect others. I was especially raised to respect people older than me, to make their way easier, do for them what I could to help, to understand that it was only a matter of time before they were me. This is how I have raised my kids. They understand that this is not negotiable, this business of being polite, of using manners, of respecting others, and yes, valuing the wisdom that comes with age.

I have, therefore, been at a loss to explain this. Or this. And I especially do not understand anyone saying this. It defies explanation. It defies logic.

Health care reform is important, but certainly not something that should trump civility or others’ rights to speak, particularly when that speaker is there to proffer first-hand information about what this legislation means, what is and what isn’t in it.

So what do I tell my kids? I tell them that those folks deserve our pity for being stupid, for being sheep, for making round fools of themselves in a public place, and most especially, for being so lazy they couldn’t be bothered to go around the idiocy of Beck, Rush, and Fox News long enough to get a few facts.

Then I remind them that this is why they have to be serious about their education, because ignorance and sheeplike behavior is just embarrassing.

Still, the idiocy gets to me sometimes too, and that’s when I force myself to remember that for one 1/500th of one second in one day in one month in one year on this planet in my time, the sun burst into laughter at the sight of blue brilliance and smiled at me.

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