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How did health care turn into hate care?

Seriously, folks? BTW, for those who sort of smugly sat back and sighed “Thank God wingnuts are in the Midwest and deep south…”, think again. This photo was taken in CALIFORNIA. In Alhambra, CA. Yep, that’s right. Here in progressive-California-with-pockets-of-John-Birch-Society-members-cum-LaRouche supporters, we have women looking like they’re ready to beat their kids carrying flyers calling for the defeat of “Obama’s Nazi Health Care plan”.

I’m willing to bet that if you asked this nice lady whether she believes in God and country she’d tell you she teaches Sunday school every week, hangs her flag on patriotic holidays, and sends in her dues to the Republican party every month. Or…she’d just show you her membership card.

Here are my random thoughts and reactions in no particular order, just because venting is something that helps from time to time…

  • I am suffering from major cognitive disconnect at those who not only oppose, but allow themselves to fall into the hype and hyberbole when it comes to REFORMING A SYSTEM TO ALLOW MORE PEOPLE BETTER ACCESS TO HEALTH CARE SERVICES. Seriously, this is what we are debating. Getting people COVERED by insurance so they can have a chance not to end up in the gutter the first time a serious illness hits them.

    The disconnect comes when such ridiculous terms as “nazi” and “death panels” are used in connection with this debate. It causes synapses in my brain to fire in unpredictable and somewhat volatile ways.

  • While I can understand opposing some aspects of health care reform proposals on the table, it is clear to me that the opposition that’s getting the coverage (because of sheer outrageousness) is determined to kill it.
  • Despite what you see on the news, national support for health care reform remains strong and something more than a majority support.
  • Our education system should be the next on the list of reforms. Suggest 20 hours/year continuing education for adults, with emphasis on reading comprehension and critical thinking, since so many seem to be willing to believe the most outlandish and downright idiotic premises with no research, fact-finding, or even skepticism.
  • After we’re done with this health care reform stuff, assuming we don’t all have heart attacks from the stress, let’s talk about what is, and is not, acceptable conduct in this country. Do we raise our kids to be respectful so that we can put the lie to the lesson as adults? Is the conduct you see and hear on the news conduct you want your kids or grandkids to model? I suggest breaking the addiction to destructive, hyperbolic, inflammatory news reports and start expecting reporters to actually report FACTS, rather than promoting lies promulgated by the likes of Liberty University and some idiot with a computer and -20 on his reading comprehension SATs.
  • I am beginning to have negative reactions to the flag, because these folks screaming are wrapping themselves in the flag and their constitutional rights, particularly the 2nd amendment, which would be fine if they had even one ounce of respect for MY DAMN RIGHTS. Which they don’t.
  • The only saving grace is this: There are sensible answers if one is interested in making sense. Fortunately, folks like the one in the picture above are still the exception, even if Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly like to think otherwise.
  • Why are people afraid of other folks having access to affordable health insurance and preventive care?
  • Why are people afraid of living wills? Living wills free family members from facing horrible decisions by giving each of us the right to define what our last days on this earth will be, whether that means prolonging our lives or simply allowing us to die naturally. Why so much fear over that?
  • Why are the opponents intentionally scaring senior citizens with these lies? I guess because seniors have the time and energy to protest? Or because it takes advantage of those most vulnerable?
  • When our President says that one of his reasons for his own passion about health care reform is watching his own mother struggle with insurers while dying of cancer, why don’t people believe him? I know I would certainly do everything I could to make sure that never happened to anyone I love if I could.
  • Why do Republicans think our current system is so terrific?

As I was standing in the pharmacy listening to the pharmacist’s assistant inform me that my $1750/month health insurance was declining the GENERIC Rx I had presented, I once again went through my daily Caremark rant. Only this time, the assistant told me that he was able to save me $70/per Rx by putting it through a California government-negotiated price plan. I still had to come up with $200, but it was a heckuva lot better than $340. I wondered in that moment why people think government’s hand in our health care is such a bad thing. Saved me enough to buy groceries for the week. That’s a good thing, not something to be afraid of.

Just sayin’.

Photo courtesy of Cynematic, with gratitude.

Update: Diana Prichard thinks I’ve slammed the opposition hard and mean, alienating an audience who might listen to me. I left a comment on her blog post, but hey…it’s not like I haven’t tried to have the reasonable discussions. No one really cares or listens to them. The entrenchment is absolute at this point, whether a Nazi sign is waved, a flag, or simply opposition to a plan proposed, and that’s fine. I don’t expect to change minds any more, because all of this nonsense has caused everyone to dig their heels in and just stay right where they are. Does that mean I think everyone who opposes thinks Obama’s plan is a Nazi plan? No, of course I don’t. That would be silly. People oppose for lots of reasons, and that’s their right. My rant is specifically directed at those people who have allowed themselves to be manipulated by a cynical, purely political group whose only dog in the hunt is seeing Obama fail, and aren’t afraid to throw everything at it, including any regard for the large group of people they send to health care hell in the process.

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