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About those death panels…

Here’s Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA) arguing for mandatory durable power of attorneys and living wills, because it costs so much to care for folks in the last 90 days of life. His argument is framed in terms of reducing Medicare costs by forcing living wills as a condition to receiving Medicare benefits.

If the health care reform bills had contained the provision Sen. Isakson wanted, you can bet there would’ve been a hue and cry about euthanizing Grandma, but it would have risen from the LEFT, not the right.

Now there’s cold, hard evidence of the lie that has gotten so much traction in the mainstream. Please, share this video with everyone you know who is afraid the evil Democrats are going to kill senior citizens. They should be happy Democrats stopped this plot from ending up tucked into a law somewhere.

As for Sen Isakson…don’t you think he should step up and take credit?

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