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High crimes and misdemeanors? Try again, GOP

I  just got off the phone with far-right wingnut Floyd Brown and FOX Radio host Alan Colmes about Brown’s newest campaign: impeachment of President Obama. Ordinarily I wouldn’t give this guy any attention at all, but since he was on Alan Colmes’ Fox Radio show, I figured it was my duty to put a bit of counterspin on the insanity this man spews all over the networks and Internet.

Who is Floyd Brown?  Simply put, Floyd Brown rests in the heart and bowels of the Republican party as the engine formulating the poison that is farted all over Fox News, astroturf sites, and so-called right-wing news sites. Wherever he goes, noxious fumes follow.

Floyd Brown is one of the founders of Citizens United and the Citizens United Foundation. Citizens United, you may recall, created “Hillary the Movie”, a 90-minute long  effort to undermine Hillary Clinton’s primary campaign, and now the topic of a major United States Supreme Court case.  Brown is also a member of the Council for National Policy, the uber-secret Republican group started by Tim LaHaye which has grown to include the major funders of the Republican Party alongside bulldogs like Floyd. He also sits on the board of the American Conservative Union, which was also known as “Citizens against Rationing Health coalition” in 1994, the last time we tried to pass health care reform under the leadership of a Democratic president.  One of the co-directors of The American Conservative Foundation is Tom Delay, more frequently associated with FreedomWorks these days. FreedomWorks instigated much of  the town hall insanity this summer.  Here’s a relationship map that illustrates just how incestuous these organizations are.

Floyd Brown runs several anti-Obama websites. He left Citizens United in 2007 and has occupied himself since writing smear columns for his blog at ExposeObama.com. He has now launched ImpeachObama.com and uses his column at the Scaife-funded WorldNetDaily  website to step up his call for impeachment.

This is why I felt compelled to call Alan Colmes’ show tonight. My first instinct upon seeing his latest  inflammatory, insulting and ridiculous call for impeachment was to ask what Constitutional grounds he believes he has for pursuing such an incredible waste of energy, time and effort. After all, President Obama won by an overwhelming majority, and his approval ratings still reflect the support of that majority. Unlike the President who just vacated that office, President Obama is the legitimate elected leader of this country, whether Floyd Brown likes it or not.

So, I asked him. His answer was remarkable. With condescending patience, he explained that impeachment is a political, not legal action. He justifies his position by interpreting the phrase “high crimes and misdemeanors” as “bad behavior”. He further defends his allegation of “bad behavior” by claiming that President Obama has badmouthed the US in foreign countries, and acts in a way that “we don’t approve of”. When I pointed out to him in my mom voice that not only did the majority in this country approve of our President, he explained to me that he and his group did not.

Remarkably, he went on to explain that in California where I live, recalls are the equivalent of a Federal impeachment. (I could go on about his connection to the evil Howard Kaloogian, architect of the Gray Davis coup/installation of the Schwarzenegger puppet government, but the relationship map above explains it…look for Howard Jarvis).

Alan Colmes summed it up pretty well when he shot this retort back at Brown: “So basically, you want to impeach him because you don’t like him. No other reason.”

I’ll let someone else weigh in on whether or not Brown’s self-serving interpretation of the term “high crimes and misdemeanors” has any weight. I want to address my closing remarks to this lunatic fringe who insists upon having temper tantrums because they don’t hold the keys to the Republic right now.

  • If we used Floyd Brown’s interpretation of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’, George W. Bush and his attack dog DIck Cheney would have had their butts tossed out of office by mid-2002.
  • Floyd and his groupies, including the dastardly destructive Richard Scaife need to sit down and think about the lessons they learned back in school about sportsmanship, graceful losing, and fair play.
  • Floyd and the Republican party need to understand that the only high crime and misdemeanor here is their anti-American, anti-democracy, unpatriotic, amazingly intellectually bereft behavior. 

Deluded. That is the only word I can think of to describe someone who shrugs off: torture, lying to Congress, the United Nations and the American people about WMD, wantonly wiretapping innocent citizens’ telephones and email communications, destroying evidence when they shredded by shredding email intentionally hosted outside of the White House, and creating a dictatorship where democracy lived once. It is deluded to shrug these things off,  then have the utter NERVE to take aim at our current President by calling for his impeachment.

Deluded. Dangerously deluded. Brown’s words and actions endanger the two-party system in this country, because patriotic Americans, whether conservative or liberal, do not take kindly to the subversion of their votes, their voice, or their government. The result for Brown and the Republicans will be to be marginalized more than they already are.

This is who Floyd Brown is and what he represents. Steer clear, and more importantly, help others to steer clear. He fools no one but himself.  Two-year old tantrums deserve two-year old consequences — a time-out in the corner. Let’s start with the next 7 years, 3 months and see if he learns how to behave.

One last message for Mr. Brown: Health care reform is going to pass. Live with it.

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